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In Just 3 Easy Steps…


Register: Develop your personal user name along with your email and your password will be emailed to you.


Choose Package: Once you are registered, you can login arriving to your profile page. Here you can choose a listing package. Payment is done with Paypal; not on our site.


Create: Once you have a package credit, you can begin your listing and the good news is that we do a lot of this work for you! When you create a listing, we just need you to fill in the forms, share a ROUGH DRAFT description of the property and add your pictures. This helps us create the final product which will include a professionally written article and a lot of online content and marketing techniques to drive buyers to your page.

Just leave the heavy work to us!

“Please find to the bottom”


Why should I list with FindCountryHomes™ (FCH)?


Would you want to sell a country property where a majority market is searching for simple urban products or unrelated lifestyle topics?


Or, would you want to market to resources that are confined geographically like within your local area to to a specific city?


Probably not because the majority of that audience is not looking for your offering! In order to sell effectively, we need to get in front of our most relevant buyers.


So, for country homes, wouldn’t you want to get in front of people that love such homes as well as the lifestyle of country living? Of course!


FCH is focused on putting country homes for sale in front of relevant buyers – the people that are actually seeking country homes and lifestyle interests.


We write about country homes and country living attracting people and their networks with similar interests, wants and needs to our website.


Listings use highly effective filtering techniques to communicate your unique information with search platforms to get in front of the people that have more specific interests to your property.


Your listing goes beyond your unique web page! After we create your professionally written article, we optimize your content for search engines and will share your offering within various communication channels with you target audience.


This target audience includes local, national and international audiences and we stay on top of latest technologies and make content attractive.


A focused resource, a common interests audience (a community with desires for beautiful country homes and its lifestyles), effective filtering and the power of communication channels puts you up front faster!


What does a listing include? The standard listing includes property and local area research for marketing strategies, marketing planning, content search engine optimization (written and pics) for reaching your audience, an original professionally researched and written article and even a slide show for YouTube! See the membership plans via the link at the end of this page.


Who should list? We invite individual home owners, home representatives such as realtors and home developers to use this service; listings should be within the theme of country homes/living.


What is the listing period? The listing period is currently 12 months for all packages. When you purchase a package, you get 1 credit from the package you purchase.


How secure is the payment system? We use Paypal, a world leader & highly trusted merchant. PayPal completely handles the payments within a secure & independent system separate from our website. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can use a credit card through Paypal without signing in.


What do I need to prepare for a home listing? When you create a listing the first time, just fill in the required information from top to bottom as follows…


Main Description – 300-500 words in rough draft is a good descriptive size to help us create a final product (Do Not include contact info in the description) — We build this into a large article later! 


Listing price – this is required to attract your target market


Pictures (very important): 1mb picture size is desired with 20-25 pictures. Larger pics are not desired for websites because it loads to slow and you lose viewers and recognition from search engines! Once you upload a picture, it will be in your “gallery”. We can also have pictures email to us. Next, we come in behind the scene is optimize this content so pictures can be found in specific searches. If you are not keen with picture sizes, just email us for help!


Address: There are two address parts; one for your webpage title area and the other for generating a map. For the map section a little further down the page, just start typing and the system finds your address! This allows people to search the Google map and explore features such as lakes and walking trails. Sometimes google maps does not recognize the exact address. We can catch this in our review.


Contact Info: Fill in contact info as required, a special contact form is created. Information such as your email is not shown on the public side. We can also be the contact person on request.


Keep in mind that once you provide the foundations of this information, we come in and work hard to understand your unique property and position it uniquely within relevant markets.


You can list in a few easy steps: register, choose package and create! Listing is easy. Your relevant audience awaits you! Start Here