Find Country Homes™ is an online community engaged in country real estate and its lifestyle attributes.


Founded from real experiences of buying and selling country properties, it was originally built around the challenges and desires discovered from people trying to Find Country Homes™ and a country home owner trying to market and sell country property. Learn how to sell your country property with us.


We expanded knowledge on the subject of marketing from interactions with country home owners, realtors and people with dreams of buying a country home; a major disconnect was discovered to find such unique properties. A unique marketing solution arrived to make finding country homes an easier and and joyful experience! We build this as a result of listening to this exciting country living community. For buyers, we hope to help them discover a country home easier and for sellers, we hope to help them realize their new aspirations sooner than later.


FindCountryHomes™ is:

  • Serving a community looking for country homes and as well as those into its lifestyle
  • Focused specifically on country property interests
  • Trusted by a team that seeks to understand needs and user perspectives.
  • Providing value from leadership, modern community networking and powerful search filter functionality.
  • Making an impact, by educating on important nature topics, improving real-estate liquidity, and supporting innovations in the housing industry.


We invite home buyers, home-owners, realtors, property developers, property investors and other relevant providers to use this real estate marketing, advertising and media resource.


We are built on the foundations of knowledge around this unique area of real estate along with networks, team development and continued interest in related real estate topics! Communities with common interest are growing locally, nationally and internationally… Explore country properties!