Famous Country Homes Around The World

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The most famous country homes can be found in many countries around the world. Famous homes are often thought as being celebrity homes or other famous homes that have appeared in various forms of entertainment; however, this is not always the case. These homes are usually the country homes that have a lot of history and rich cultural significance behind them—and, that’s something that makes them famous in the first place such as the following historic homes.


Cragside, in Northumberland

Cragside is a beautiful country house that was first built in 1863 in England. The interesting thing about this home is that it served as the home for the famous inventor Lord Armstrong and the rest of his family.


It’s also the first known house to have been using hydro-electric power—out of all of the houses in the world. Since 1977, Cragside has remained in the case of the country’s National Trust; the home is now open to visitors, where people can observe Lord Armstrong’s inventions in Cragside for themselves.


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Cooma Cottage, in Yass, New South Wales (Australia)

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Cooma Cottage stands as one of the oldest known surviving country homes within Australia. It’s notable for remaining in tact throughout centuries.


This cottage is also constructed from a variety of different building elements, both natural and people-made. One of the most notable things about its construction is that it has traces of the rare and near-extinct Picconia tree in its structure. The presence of Cooma Cottage is said to represent what the first Australian settlers built when they’d arrived within the country centuries ago.


In 1839, it also became the home of explorer Hamilton Hume for over 30 years. Besides that, Cooma Cottage played a role in influencing the development of Australia’s merino wool industry. Hume had created three fine merino wool properties in the region. The merino wool business continued and evolved into many useful and interesting products throughout Australia.


Today, Cooma Cottage now has a heritage listing in the NSW State Heritage Register, a distinction given to the rural home in March 2002.


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Saltford Manor House, in Somerset

The Saltford Manor home is said to be one of the oldest continuously occupied homes in the entirely of England. It’s also one of the oldest known homes in the country, alleged to have been constructed during sometime before the year 1150.


The Manor is actually in good enough condition to have been sold for about £1,275,000 (about $2.1 million USD) in 2010. That’s likely due to the fact that the home was refurbished in 1990 and has been maintained ever since.


Bell House, in Colonial Beach, Virginia (United States)

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This historic summer home was once known as the summer home of Alexander Graham Bell, who had inherited the property from his father, Alexander Melville Bell.


The country-style Virginia property was built during the years of 1883 and 1885. That construction resulted in a 2 1/2-story five bay structure that features a wrap-around porch with sawn brackets and turned posts. It also has a pyramid-shaped roof with a balcony overhang. Since 1987, the property has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


There seems to be some common ground with famous country homes that bring out many values of inspiration, uniqueness and pleasure to designs and settings, the material elements themselves, and the wonders and excitements of history. Hopefully in the future, country properties will continue to develop a history to be shared, enjoyed and admired!


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