Top 5 Recreational Country Home Escapes – Canada


There is a world of difference between visiting your favorite recreational countryside escape, and being able to have a home there. Moreover, you can experience some of the top retreats in Canada with a visit, and then pick the one that suits you best to return to when you have the desire for your favorite recreation while living the country life!

The top picks for the best recreational country home escapes in Canada:

Escape #1 – Kimberley, BC

Tucked along highway 95A in the Rocky Mountains you will find Kimberly. While it has a reputation for being more of a tourist town, it is what surrounds it that makes it such a great country escape. Kimberly’s surroundings are home to world class golfing in picture-like settings, a wonderful ski resort suitable for all ages, several walking and biking paths in mountainous or open valleys and community events year around. It can be an ideal place to have a get-away to go to when life gets too busy.

Escape #2 – Mont Tremblant

Located over 140km north of Montreal in Quebec, Mont Tremblant is world famous for its alpine skiing. During the warmer seasons it has amazing natural surroundings where you will find wilderness, biking, hiking and more available to you from right outside your front door. While very popular with visitors, Mont Tremblant never feels too busy or overly developed. Great care has been taken to preserve and maintain the area’s natural beauty.

Escape #3 – Roseneath, ON

Roseneath is a beautiful, old time town that has yet to break a population of 8,000. It is situated between two lakes, Ontario and Rice, and is bordered by the Alderville First Nation. The area surrounding the township is pastoral – with a twist. Roseneath has some of the best winter activities and a nationally renowned fall festival that you can enjoy too. It is known as the “township between the lakes.”

Escape #4 – Navan, ON

You may have heard of Navan because of the famous fair it hosts, or seen members of its curling team compete. It is a small rural community that has less than 3,800 people. The surrounding agricultural area offers many different country living settings for you to choose from. One of the things that makes Navan an ideal choice for a country home is that it is 30km outside of the suburban community of Orleans. With Navan you can have the best of both worlds with its quiet pace, but near enough to the center of things so you don’t feel isolated.

Escape #5 – Comox Valley, BC

There are numerous townships located in Comox Valley near Vancouver in British Columbia. Anywhere you land in the valley is going to be a kind of natural paradise. It has a rich history and is also known as the “Valley of Festivals.” At any given point in time you will find music, jazz, art, agriculture and more being celebrated in the valley. That hasn’t made it any less of a retreat to the country, but instead enhanced its appeal. There is more developed here in the manner of preserving the country living experience, and for sports and events in all seasons, then in many other areas.


If a recreational escape is a desire or non-negotiable in life, why not invest in it with a country home! You’ll have the benefits of bringing friends and family together to share fun memorable activities while enjoying the comforts of a home and the experience country living!


By: FindCountryHomes