My Ideal Home In The Country

ideal home

What does your ideal home look like? It’s not uncommon that people that have bought properties were not even looking for a property at the time. And, it’s even more common today that people are buying homes without even looking at the property; a done deal at 800 miles away; does this seem a bit like impulse buying behavior? For those that have been property owners, we’ve often wished we’d thought a few more points through to make a better decision. Here are a few things to help you understand what you want to make finding your ideal home an exciting an easier experience.

How much land do you need. Too often, people, get so focused on a view or a home design that they know so little about the land. Knowing your land range needs will filter out a lot of country house searching. Do you want a shop, some fruit trees, or a hobby farm? Would you want to build an extra house for your parents on the land or a guest house for your kids or friends? Maybe, you’d like to have a retreat business on the property. These questions can be the difference between owning half an acre, one acre or over 5 acres of property to really get you the ideal home your looking for. Learn more

What level of completion do you need. Sometimes people buy a property with bare land and build a house on it later. This can be a lot of work and rewarding at the same time. But, this is not for everyone. Whether your house is being built from scratch or half built, you have to be prepared to manage the work. And, if you are not, the complete package of already built may be your best choice. Be very honest with yourself here! Your ideal home may include future projects or be completely hands off from property developments.

What climate do you desire? If you are more flexible on where you can live, consider the climate. When it comes to climate, most places are very different from one another. Four seasons, moderate rain-forests, grasslands, desert areas, and mountainous are examples of the indifferent. And a lot of times, people may be visitors in the perfect conditions, but have you really thought about the location from season to season. This can really help you get to where you really want to be.

How important is financial value growth? When it comes to investing in real estate, country properties can be a great investment. If this is important to you, research things like the chamber of commerce in areas, look for communities that may be developing precious resources nearby and map out where urban sprawl in going to be and get there ahead of the crowd. If this is not a priority, don’t worry, a house with nature and land to its base will always hold good value.

Amenities anyone? While a house itself often becomes tailored to personal taste, it can also provide access to other personal comforts; so why not be close to the amenities you really enjoy! Do you enjoy skiing, golf, hiking or just having some peace and quiet and scenery. Maybe you want the best of both worlds to have easy access to an urban center or maybe you just want access to an airport because you are a traveler too.

When it comes to the steps of finding your ideal home, consider these topics. And, maybe the most important thing is to consider the values both within the house and property and then things within reach outside of the property. Country houses are amazing in what you can access both within your house, on the land and often nearby. So now, take a moment after reading this and imagine what your idea home in the country looks like!