Choosing A Puppy Is Best From Country Homes!

choosing a puppy country homes

There is nothing like the gift of choosing a puppy. These wonders of life have such a positive influence for all ages! When it comes to picking a puppy, your best bet can be finding one who has been bred and raised in a home still with its parents and siblings and able to run around in a country like setting. Picking a puppy from country homes is the best choice for buying a new dog for many good reasons.

Reputable Breeding and Care

Did you know that puppies sold in stores can come from puppy mills, which do not have adequate breeding programs? Breeding programs can be very important for the health of puppy litters and puppy’s parents. That’s why going straight to a reputable breeder is the best choice you can make when picking a puppy. You’ll find that most breeders tend to house their operations in country homes, because this gives them the land to allow the dogs plenty of freedom to roam around and play – essential for a long, healthy future. But this isn’t only good for the dogs, it’s also helpful for you when it comes to choosing a puppy.

Choosing A Puppy

When you visit a breeder, you may feel overwhelmed by the possible choices – and you’ll probably want to take home the whole litter! There are certain things that breeders at country homes provide that will help you narrow down your choice.

• Watch how they interact: Are you looking for an active dog that will play with its peers at the park? Seeing how puppies interact in their pack will help you decide on the right one. The shy guy in the corner may be the perfect choice for your low-key lifestyle, or the leader of the tiny pack may be just the dog you’re looking for. You’ll never get this kind of exposure when you’re looking at a puppy in a store.

• Let them pick you: When you go to a pet store, you may only have a few dogs to choose from, and limited space in which to get to know them. On the other hand, when you go to a breeder with a home in the country, you can interact with all of the dogs in a residential and familiar environment. When this happens, both you and the puppies are more relaxed, which means you’ll have an opportunity to let the perfect puppy find you. Puppies will often come to you but certain puppies will make some unique impression and connection with you. It takes a little time to make this connection, so a country home environment is perfect for this.

• Talk to the breeder: When it comes to a breeder, yes, they want to sell their puppies, but they also want to make sure their pups are going to the right home. Breeders have a strong bond with the puppy’s parents and take great joy to seeing their puppies born. You’ll have far more of an opportunity to learn about your dog’s history and the things you should know about the breed, making sure you get off to the right start with your new friend. Not to mention, the breeder will know your puppy intimately, and will be able to speak about the personality and quirks that they have noticed.

All puppies deserve a good home no matter where they come from. However, choosing a puppy from a country home is a great choice that supports a high level of responsibilities in taking care of animals and gives you an opportunity to magically connect with a puppy that will in the future offer incredible joys.