Escape to the Country!

escape to the country

Country homes are seeing a revival in interest as house buyers embrace exciting possibilities of a new life and escape to the country! Imagine owning a home with warm open concept spaces, larger-than-average gardens, with a peaceful countryside and rural views. Buying country real estate could be the first important step towards a whole new greener, healthier lifestyle for you and your family.


Escape to the country for more open space

When looking to buy a house in the country, many people are governed by price. It may appear that a three-bedroom family home in the countryside is similar in price to a three-bedroom home in the city, but look more closely and you get so much more for your money with a country property. Compare those spacious living rooms in a typical outland house with a more modern city dwelling. Not only do you get bags more character, but also oodles more space. Larger bedrooms and family-size kitchens are standard in country properties, where space was not at a premium when the house was built.

Outdoors, the same principles apply. Your townhouse or city apartment will be lucky to have off-road parking and space for a barbecue, while country homes can give you the outdoor space your family (and pets!) can really enjoy. You may even get some outbuildings as a useful bonus.

With plenty of parking for that trailer, boat or car restoration project that may be further down life’s wish-list, country living comes without the limitations and restraints that a lack of space may impose on your future dreams. There may even be room to grow your own organic food with a simple fruit orchard or a more enterprising vegetable plot. A house in the country becomes a home that you would less likely to outgrow when your family needs change and develop.


Escape to the country for health prospects

Changing demographics and new work opportunities are making rural homes a desirable possibility, which for most of us is a dream-come-true. Advanced technology has enabled a growing number of professionals to work from home or telecommute. Entrepreneurs can find new and innovative opportunities wherever they live while helping to regenerate the local economy in rural villages and towns. And, countryside work may be on an upswing as the baby boomer age begins to retire in many parts of the world. In all, this is opening up the possibility of country living for the working age and their families as well as those that desire part-time work.

An escape to the country has many other hidden benefits, including improving your health and giving you a shorter working day. Your new life in such settings allows you to start work fresh and relaxed each morning. The working day begins earlier when you work from home or enjoy much shorter commutes! Your new working hours allow more quality time to do what you really want to do, including more time for family and friends. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to walk the dog from your own front door, without having to drive to a green space to enjoy recreational pursuits – another healthy plus.


Country homes are forever!

Although you will have fewer neighbors when you escape to the country, you will inevitably find a stronger sense of community, however remote you choose to be. And when it comes time to retire and take life easier, rather than having to relocate from suburbia to a more desirable rural area, you’ll already be established there!

Buying a country house has so many positive benefits for your health, your family and your overall quality of life. Surely there’s no better time to escape to the country than right now, before the rest of the world catches on!