Selecting A Good Country-Style Birdhouse

Birdhouses, also known as nest boxes, are an artificial enclosure where birds are known to nest inside. They’re commonly known to help sustain the population of birds in any given area, especially if they happen to live nearby a home. Birdhouses also have a tendency to add a decorative flair to any country home.

A birdhouse can enhance nature and wildlife with a country home; something that’s considered a hallmark of many types of country living. Being a house that will contain a bird’s nest, a birdhouse can be designed in anyway that’s considered appealing to both the homeowner and the birds themselves.

Moreover, birds won’t use a bird-house if it’s not designed in a way that’s appropriate. That’s why it’s important to find a bird-house that’s designed to suit certain species and your home.


The specifics of a country birdhouse


If you have a country home, you probably live in an area where different bird species are in abundance. That means you have to make special accommodations to ensure those birds are being treated well with the birdhouse you might select for them to use.

To provide an example of those particular specifics, many birds won’t use a birdhouse if the opening is too large. Small birds, in particular, won’t use a birdhouse with a large opening because it’s too large to prevent other birds from raiding it. So, getting a birdhouse with an opening that’s just the right size to house them is always a better decision.

Also, it’s important to understand that some birds are primary cavity nesters while others are secondary cavity nesters! This means that some birds can actually create a cavity within a structure such as a tree and then build its nest within, but its’ often only used for a year and then they move on to build another. On the other hand, secondary cavity nesters are birds that use the abandoned bird-homes as its nest; often after a couple years when the nest has naturally become clean again – yes birds like a clean home!

Of course, you can’t buy or build your own country birdhouse without knowing that it’s just as important to maintain a clean and structural sound birdhouse. Birds will leave a bird house if they feel it’s too unclean or broken down to house themselves or their chicks. So, make sure you’re ready to maintain your birdhouse before you add one to your country home landscape.


Finding the right birdhouse for your country home


Luckily, there are many options on the market for you to buy your own bird-house for your country home. If you want to be even more creative, you can build your own birdhouse using one of the many birdhouse plans out there; this can also be a fun experience for personal interest or your family.

And then, consider the design of your country home. Designing your birdhouse can compliment the design of your home like a mini version or blend with the natural environment. You may even want to get into some special colours that match your home or make a personal statement for the builders and for the birds of course!

If you want to have a birdhouse that fits the preferences that your local birds may like, it’s necessary to make observations about the types of birds that may live around your local country home. Getting a bird identification book would be useful and a lot of fun too. You may discover exciting bird species that are local year around or seasonal visitors from other countries!


As for selecting that birdhouse for your country home, ‘the sky’s the limit’. Get to know the birds in your area and have fun with designs that accommodate the birds, compliment your home and enhance your country living experience!


By: findcountryhomes