Country Home Decor – Porch Ideas

country home decor

There’s a lot of fun with the creativity put into country home decor and this includes porch decor ideas. And, nothing is more inviting in a home than the porch as a result of its decor. Whether it is a wraparound deck style or one of those that only goes down one side of the house, the porch is an inviting and an integral part of your home and adds home value in so many ways. A porch is a component of your home that invites creativity or decor! There are many ways to decorate your country porch and most will depend upon what you are planning to use it for. Here are a few of our favorite country home decor – porch ideas.


Highlight The Ceiling

Your porch ceiling is a big area of your porch that can create many different visual effects. You can paint the ceiling to match the floor or tie in colors from a nearby landscape such as a lake or ocean. Other porch decor ideas include added cedar tong and grove to pull together features such as posts or beams adding to a country home design.


Add A Throw Rug

Adding a throw rug is one of the simplest ways to add some contrast or color to your porch. Moreover, for those cool evenings or cool mornings when you want to hang out on the porch barefoot, a throw rug is a great country home decor addition and it can be changed very inexpensively for your new ideas!


Dining Table

Hold on to those old tables and chairs. Another porch decor idea is to put an old dining table on the porch and add in some mis-matched chairs for a unique perspective. And then, you will also have another special place to dine outdoors within an environment filled with character and possibility romance!


Wicker Furniture

Certain designs of furniture go naturally with porches and this includes wicker chairs. Wicker furniture brings out elements of nature and creates a feel of outdoors and relaxation. Wicker furniture comes in more colors today and the design can vary from more transitional rustic to a more modern look to fit any porch.


Double Duty Furniture (storage and seating)

When buying porch furniture consider things that will do double duty such as storage boxes that can store extra throws and pillows or board games. Put a throw pillow on top for additional seating if need be.


Plant Some Flowers In Containers

when it comes to country home decor ideas, what better area to showcase a green thumb than the porch! Consider some potted plants and flowers that will add to the color contrast on the porch. Tuberous begonias are one plant example and come in a variety of vibrant colors and do well in the shade of a porch.


No matter what you’re using your country home porch for, you’re sure to spend many hours out there enjoying the seasons together with friends and family and, taking in the scenery, reading or just enjoying conversations, so, decorate your porch with style for lasting experiences!