Exciting Bedroom Design Ideas From Country Homes

country style bedroom designs

If you are looking for bedroom design ideas, country homes offer a range of designs. Because country style homes are so unique and exciting in design around the world, when it comes to bedroom interiors, there is a huge range of creative bedroom design ideas to explore. Here are some favorite bedroom designs that we hope will give you some great view on the topic!

Modern Country Home Bedroom

bedroom design ideas modern country home

This bedroom interior design has tongue and groove features on the walls with alternating shapes, a bamboo ceiling, laminate flooring and contrasting woody furniture design. The African decor suits the ceiling and the lines of the layouts are such that it creates a lot of interest with no major focal points. All this leads to large window area giving to a panoramic view of the lake and landscapes.

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Bedroom Design Ideas for Ranch Theme

ranch theme bedroom design ideas

When you come into this bedroom, it shares an exciting experience. A beautiful shine is given off by the bold cut logs making a clean yet rustic look. The window decor is designed to compliment this look and the green and while color blend well with the entire space. The furniture is really interesting adding character and fits well with a modern rustic like look. And then, the pictures tie it in with the perfect blend of color and theme; a horse of course!

Warmth & Nature Bedroom Design Ideas

warmth nature bedroom design ideas

What is interesting about this bedroom design is the mood it creates. This bedroom uses tongue and groove on the ceiling and walls which again takes the eyes for interest. The resulting colors are warm and then this is contrasted with green earthy colors in balance with an outdoor view of evergreen trees – a nice balance. The bedroom furniture is simple and tones down the room to make it cozy and adventurous!

Soft Modern Bedroom Design

soft modern bedroom design idea

This bedroom design is simple modern and creates a comfy mood. The cabinets are designed to fit from floor to ceiling which makes this component blend more with the rest of the room. These cabinets would be wonderful for storage too. The bedroom decor is really sticks to a few colors, resulting in a simple look. But, the bed decor creates a bold and soft look making this bedroom have a super comfy look and feel.

Historic Country Style Bedroom Design

historic bedroom design ideas country style

This bedroom has historic character written all over it. It’s a fun bedroom design. While the room is simple, the components create its story. First, the window frames offer a simple yet nice woody contrast to start warming up the room. The windows also represent older home design has smaller openings putting more emphasis on the room itself. The furniture has beautiful carvings and shapes enriching the look creating a mix of elegance and character.

Bedroom Design Rustic Contemporary Mix

rustic contemporary bedroom design ideas

Looking for something in between the log home and contemporary bedroom design? This bedroom combines the tradition log features with simple contemporary design. The logs of the one wall flow nicely to the woody edging that flows onto the drywall area. The bright red makes a statement in the room to brighten it up and then the bed frame and bedroom decor compliments a more rustic theme. The chandelier is really interesting because the design is something between rustic and contemporary completing the interior design mix.

Bright Log Home Bedroom Design

bright log home bedroom design ideas

The bedroom design idea is all about a log home rustic experience. From the beams to the wall, the logs make a bold statement of a log home. The bed frame continues the experience of the logs with its large raw look. And then, the ceiling uses tongue and groove which ties the woody look together and also makes the room seem bright. The window is at the perfect height to take in the smells of the outdoors and a view of  a landscape. And lastly, the moose decor is perfect to complete the fun of this room.

As you can see, country home designs are so unique and varied. So, when it comes to bedroom decor, there are many fun bedroom design ideas.

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