Country Home Designs Around the World

country home designs

Country home designs around the World are as varied in designs as its locations. What’s your definition of a country home design? A stone-built cottage, a rustic log cabin, a hobby farm or perhaps a mountaintop villa in rural Spain? Everyone’s definition of what actually makes a country home is governed by their own experience of the countryside, but when it comes to international real estate, country properties can be as varied as the locations they are found in.


Rustic Lakefront Country Home Designs

One of the most popular country home destinations is Sweden. Residents and families spend the week living and working in the city, but most families share a countrified property on one of the fjords. These are not considered a luxury by Stockholmares and Gothernburgers, but are a traditional way of life for city dwellers.

Each plot may have two or three wooden cabins or small holiday homes on them, all owned by members of the same family. These weekend properties are usually just a short drive from the city, but they provide a recreational place for family get-togethers, fishing, boating and walking in the summer, and skiing, skating and snowmobiling in the winter.

Those looking for a country home with gorgeous rural or water views will find these summer cabins make extremely affordable country homes, both to buy and maintain.


Barn Conversions and Farm Cottages

Properties in the UK tend to be small stone cottages as country home designs and formerly owned by farm workers. Set in a quiet rural location they can be the perfect place to relax and chill out, or turn into a permanent home for those whose working life permits a more isolated lifestyle.

Many larger farms in Wales and the beautiful southwest of England have converted their farm buildings into individual luxury dwellings. Country property seekers looking for characterful properties externally, with modern fixtures inside, will find barn conversions fit the bill perfectly. However, you may have more neighbours than you envisaged, sharing the same central courtyard and gardens.


Country Home Designs in France

On a much grander scale, cross the channel to France where you can pick up unbelievable bargains on country homes in need of renovation. Real estate ownership in France has never really caught on with the locals, who generally prefer to rent. The migration of working age residents to the towns and cities has left a glut of charming properties in rural areas that offer an idyllic lifestyle for expats looking to relocate.

Those dreaming of moving to the country to run a hotel, restaurant, retreat or B&B will still find many romantic chateaux in extensive vineyards that can offer a whole new lifestyle or business venture.


Log Cabins and Chalets

Wherever there are lakes for boating, rivers for fishing and mountains for climbing, you will find plenty of rustic log cabins complete with shady porch for rocking and meditating the time away. These country homes are tucked away in forests and lakesides all over the northern US states and Canada. They are ideal for those who enjoy recreational pursuits, or want to enjoy a stunning view and a quiet lifestyle, at one with nature. If winter sports are your thing, then Alpine chalets abound in rural Switzerland, Austria and Canada.

Whether you are looking for a cabin, a villa or a chateau in your quest for country living, you will find plenty of stunning properties amongst many country home designs all over the world to tempt you to move to the country.