How do you find original house blueprints?

house blueprints drawings

Where do you find original house blueprints or house drawings while researching a house you might buy or already own? House blueprints (commonly known as drawings) can have many benefits for renovation plans or simply managing space; see this renovation guide. Here are some ideas on how to obtain house blueprints or house drawings no matter what the age of the home.

House Blueprints From Original Builder

The easiest way to get the original design of a home can be through the home builder. Because builders oversee warranties and defect control, it often holds on to the designs for at least the warranty period if not longer. Most primary structures from new homes have a warranty period of around 12 years.

City Regulators & House Blueprints

A chamber of commerce or such exists in almost any community to regulate things like local taxes and services such as water. It also usually has a department overseeing building permits to make sure people abide to home building rules. The permitting departments often have access to house and land drawings or any newer additions if it had gone through the proper steps of approvals. In many countries, building permits began as far back as the 1700’s! This is not always the case, but it is worth a try!

House Blueprints from Architects & Technology

If you can’t get the original house blueprints, here is another idea: Architects are a great source for reproducing house drawings or blueprints. Because this is what they do day in and day out, an architect could probably re-create a house blueprint in no time.

And, while they could probably re-construct your homes drawing from just pictures alone depending on the need for details, these days technology is enabling three dimensional architectural scanning of building spaces. Home technologies are so good you can scan through wall and see the primary structures. And so, you could ask around to see what architects are using such high tech in case you wanted to confirm certain structures within a home’s drawing.

Today, there is little reason why you could not obtain or re-produce house blueprints. If the originals are hard to come by, surely an architect and the amazing new technologies of today will provide you with the details you need!

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