Fun Features for Country Homes

There are many fun features for country homes that you can’t add into other properties. Indulge yourself by adding in these features so that you can truly experience the wonder of having a home in the country.


Sun clock

Adding a sun clock is something that can bring quite an unusual element to living the country life. You can choose the placement of your sun clock, or sun-dial better. Setting it within the garden can allow you to see more clearly the path of the sun through the seasons, which can help you with selecting your growing and harvesting times. A sun clock can be mounted on a pedestal and positioned so you can even see it from your deck too.


Star gazing observatory

It’s more affordable than you think to install a star gazing observatory as one of the fun features for country homes. You can choose to go all out and build or buy a standalone structure that you can keep your telescope in, or you can get a little more creative. For instance, consider laying an area of flat paving stones set with the compass directions and bordered by low benches. This gives you an area to set your telescope and sit and watch the stars while outdoors.


Outdoor studio

An outdoor studio can be easily created. You can opt to build a small shed or cottage style structure that is set off in the peace and quiet of living the country life; you can also make it more open. As long as there is a level floor, places to sit and window frames, or some way to frame the different views, you have everything you need to always find artistic inspiration.


Meditation grotto

Meditation grottos are becoming an increasingly popular feature with country homes. Start in your garden, or maybe hide a small gate somewhere else that opens onto a path that leads away from the home. When you are deep into nature, build a small area with a bench, an arched trellis, statues and even a fountain where you can go and sit to contemplate life, beauty and the nature of all living things.


There are many fun features you can add to a country home. Moreover, the openness and connectedness to the natural elements of country living offer endless ideas for enhancing your enjoyment of home living.


By: findcountryhomes