Modern House Design for Outdoor Features

modern house design outdoor features

For modern house design, it’s an exciting time with many new ideas and materials and today, home designs can interact more with outdoor living space and elements of the outdoors. The creativity of architects, homeowners and new home products are resulting in new exciting home experiences. And, because modern country homes are individually unique and often custom built, these homes are early adopters to new ideas. Consider these modern house design ideas to enhance outdoor living space for modern country homes…

Modern House Design With Glass Folding Doors

Glass for modern house design has improved a lot and is enabling country homeowners to transform the outdoor experience within their home. Tradition home designs with wood frame and drywall or log walls have typically followed designs having fixed windows, both small and large, giving views to the outside at certain locations.

Taken a step further, if you’d like to connect you home more to nature, consider glass folding doors. Glass folding door innovations have evolved in design to a point of replacing traditional and then remaining fixed in one position and then being entirely open and folded to the outside in another. This design and technique creates a new experience that connect a home to the elements of its land.

Covered Patios For Modern Country Homes

Covered patios are another form of outdoor living space that also enhance the country home experience. Covered patios, can be designed as such to expand views and enhance the sounds of nature while providing shade or protection from weather.

Too, an added fireplace or water flowing design can make covered patios extremely relaxing, social and usable both day and night. As an idea, a room with glass folding doors could lead into a covered or partially covered patio. Many of these idea may have been inspired by some of the greatest architects as such with Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House: The Illustrated Story of an Architectural Masterpiece.

For modern country homes, the interaction between the indoor and outdoor space is an important part of the experience of country living. Modern house designs are bridging this experience. Consider how your home’s indoor design can flow to or from outdoor spaces for its greatest joys and experiences.