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Lifestyle properties and country homes have so much common ground! Every day people are discovering the joys and advantages of country homes – without having to leave behind the luxuries they have in the city. Because country homes are often both a household and an extension of natural environments, it offers so much more as a lifestyle property.


What exactly is a Lifestyle Property?


When you think of lifestyle property, you may have thought of a vacation home, perhaps a place to have family gatherings, or a small cottage by the sea, but the truth is that a lifestyle property can mean many things to many people.


The actual definition of lifestyle property is a place that enhances the life you choose to live. To some it might mean an expansive pied-à-terre in the heart of the city, while to others it’s a secluded getaway home surrounded by acres of open space.


While it’s true that a house and a lifestyle home both cover your basic need for shelter, a lifestyle property gives you something extra – better physical and emotional well-being.


Some properties are so fulfilling to the owners that while they may have been vacation properties to start with, they find that they love the lifestyle so much that they make it their permanent home. And why not? That’s why so many are looking for country homes for sale.


Country Lifestyle Properties


One of the best types of lifestyle properties would by far be country homes. Here’s why…


In the country, the air is crisp and clean. Picturesque landscapes are always there. Your every day commute would be fields and flowers or mountains and lakes with brilliant sunrises, instead of the normal traffic and smoggy mornings. It doesn’t take much to figure out that you’re going to have a healthier lifestyle in the countryside – even without trying.


Let’s look at a few of the most popular styles of country homes and properties – small acreage, ranches, country manors, and gentleman farmer properties – and see which one appeals the most!


Small Acreage. In the most simplistic form of country lifestyle properties are small acreages. These types of properties can have land sizes that range from around 1 to 25 acres. Such acreages can accommodation a range of interests supporting hobbies and even business interest. It also compliments many type of house styles from simple or luxury log homes, organic architecture, to intriguing modern home designs.


Ranch. If you’re into animals or adventure, this may be for you. A ranch is a spacious rural place with sprawling acreage, normally with a large home complete with all the expected amenities, fruit trees, or animals on the property. Many choose to raise cattle or horses as a past time, along with the help of ranch hands.


Most ranch like properties range anywhere from 50 to 6,000 acres or more. Some include rivers, streams, or lakes, and provide countless options for outdoor entertainment. They’re usually more private and secluded, but offer much more in terms of nature, views and solitude than any other type of country living.


Country Manor. These homes could be considered the real blend of country/city life. Country manors originated in Europe, where lords and ladies lived in style while watching over their lands. It meant many bedrooms, room to ride the horses and all the luxuries of the day.


Today it means 12+ bedrooms, indoor and outdoor pools, theater rooms, spa bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen and plenty of entertainment space. While the acreage isn’t what a ranch would be, there’s still enough surrounding property to keep it quiet and tranquil – while still providing endless entertainment and luxury amenities.


Farmer Property. For anyone that loves the outdoors, and would love to dabble in agriculture while living in style, this is it. The farm part is purely hobby for the delight of the owner. Like a ranch, it can be anywhere from 10 to 1000’s of acres, and may employ farm managers. It’s a simple, but enjoyable way of life, with the extra bonus of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. And similar to small acreages, these properties have growing benefits for its owners.


Throughout the history of the United States, many wealthy people have purchased and enjoyed a similar type property, including Winthrop Rockefeller, Frederick Hinde Zimmerman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and more!


And, if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense as to why so many have moved to the countryside – the payback is huge.


What does Country Living Mean?


Whether a retired couple is searching for a more relaxed, quiet life, or a young family is searching for a place that their children can safely explore and breathe fresh, clean air, a country house provides all the benefits that they search for. Spacious homes, tennis and basketball courts, pools, parks for the children and more can all be found while fleeing from the busy, bustling and crowded city lifestyle.


More and more couples and families these days are considering country homes as lifestyle properties. They want to escape the stress of the city without leaving any amenities behind. The beauty and natural surroundings of a country home adds value and creates a distinct lifestyle by combining the tranquility, openness, and simplicity of the countryside with the comforts and luxuries that any family wants and desires. It’s the perfect marriage for a better way of life.


It means nature and health. Such natural and beautiful settings and views can definitely encourage you to get out: to walk, to bike, to play and to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer – and then return to home, take a dip in the pool, or relax in the jetted tub, and sleep securely and without the sounds of the buzzing city. Maybe you step out to search for constellations at night, or dangle your feet in the creek on your day off.


Think for a moment about what it is that you love to do most. Is it some type of sport? Do you take evening walks? Are you into exploration, climbing, and hiking? Taking care of animals or growing plants? Do you love to peacefully sleep?


Now, consider for a moment your life at your current home. Does it allow you to comfortably do and take pleasure in what you love? If you love to take evening walks, but your neighborhood has bad sidewalks (or perhaps no sidewalks!), lots of traffic, and isn’t safe, are you going to enjoy your walks? Are you even going to go out?


Chances are that you either have pushed that activity aside or you drudge through it instead of enjoying it as much as you used to. And the consequences of that can be greater than you think.


After a while, the stress that you normally released while walking is going to take its toll. It always does, and stress in particular is something can accelerate the deterioration of our emotional and physical health.


The possibilities of hobbies or activities that you enjoy could be very different, but if your home or neighborhood isn’t giving you the chance to have that outlet, you may want to reconsider your choice and invest more in your own well-being through lifestyle properties!


It’s community. In a community, you don’t need to feel suspicious when someone says hello. You know your neighbors. You get to know the grocery store clerk, the post man, the plumber and the doctor – in a personal way – and you come to trust them, and they trust you.


Country living means that you get to experience that small-town feeling, knowing that people have your back, and feel a greater sense of belonging. Often, a healthy sense of community leads to lower crime rates, better relationships, and you feel needed and wanted instead of thinking that you’re just another fish in the sea.


It will be easier to make friends. Your kids will be safe to play outside, to walk to school.


A community is concerned about the well being of their people and their town, and the people that come to their town. And that is a huge plus when it comes to life.


The country is a place where you care about people, and people care about you.


It’s stopping to smell the roses. Country living is so much more than just coming home to nature, it’s about taking things slowly. You can’t live in the country and not appreciate the sunset, or the views. It’s hard not to stop and close your eyes and just listen to the stream and the laughter of your children or grandchildren.


In the country, you can hear yourself think, and that in and of itself is fulfilling. You can’t be in a hurry or you won’t be taking advantage of all you’ve got at your fingertips – beauty, peace, health, and security.


Don’t wait until retirement to slow down and enjoy life…


Country Lifestyle Properties Have Real Payoff


Hopefully you’re coming to realize that purchasing a country lifestyle home is probably one of the greatest investments you could ever make.


In just the past few years many countryside properties have enjoyed increased values. Many factors include space pressure in urban areas, new cities emerging near rural areas and of course the growing offering of both work and lifestyle.


Investing in lifestyle properties now means that within just a few years, you could have a property worth much, much more – not only financially, but in terms of quality of life. The health benefits, the sense of community, improved well being, and finally slowing down a little will all pay off in the end.


Owning a piece of land with a beautiful, comfortable home where you feel fulfilled and your family can grow in peace enjoying the beauties and health benefits of nature is priceless – it will be your best investment yet. What top rewards would you imagine having in country homes as a lifestyle property?share your comments below!


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