Hottest Features of Country Homes for Sale

country homes features

Though a country home is – by definition, a home outside an urban area –  and typically not close to all what a city has to offer, it does offer a legion of other advantages. It is often these features that make these country homes some of the most sought after in the area. Read on below for some of the hottest features you can find in these countryside homes for sale.



One of the best reasons for choosing country homes is the privacy that such a purchase offers. Due to its rural like location, countryside homes are often able to be set far off the road. Having a long driveway in between you and the main road means that you will rarely be bothered by the noise and traffic that occurs there. A country home might be just what you’re looking for.



Given that most city homes have little or no room for a yard, this is a distinct advantage when purchasing a home in the country. Many people still dream of having a little white picket fence (or no need for a fence with natural barriers) with a lush garden bursting with vegetables and a few bird feeders hung nearby. For families with children, a country property with a vast yard means that the entire family can easily have room for more active outdoor hobbies such as soccer, baseball and even an old fashioned tree climbing.



Many people these days are realizing that trees do more than simply beautify an area and provide shelter for wildlife. There is something to be said for the calming and soothing properties that trees bring to a home. Getting back to nature and back to your roots can provide the perfect backdrop that allows you to unwind and let the stresses of the day melt away. Hanging a hammock among the trees at your country home is the epitome of country living.


Wrap Around Porches

A porch of any size that is large enough to allow you to sit and enjoy the evening air or watch the mischievous ways of the nearby wildlife is one of the quiet pleasures of home ownership. A wrap around porch, though, adds an entire area that allows you to enjoy outdoor living. Set up your grill in one area with some wicker furniture nearby so that you can enjoy a country cookout. Add a few rocking chairs and you have the makings of a relaxing evening at home.



A deck is one of those country homes accessories that is able to be fully customized to your liking. Even a small deck, however, lends itself well to gatherings of family and friends. Whether you are the picnic table kind of family or you prefer the elegance of a glass topped patio table, having a deck – covered or uncovered – allows you to always have a place to enjoy the quiet, peace and solitude of your country home.


Country homes have many benefits that city homes just cannot touch. Even though the commute to these homes might be a few more minutes than a city dweller’s the advantages of living in the country far outweigh those of living in the city.