What Attracts People To Country Living?

joys of country living

If you have never experienced country living, you are probably wondering why people prefer country homes over urban homes. Country living versus city living is much different in all aspects and really cannot be compared as the two are complete opposites. The type of living that is best for you will depend on your preferences and how you want to live. Do you like hustle and bustle? Do you enjoy the sounds of nature? So what do people love most about country living?


One of the top joys of country living is lifestyle and it is a lifestyle that fits a lot of different shoes! Some people like to explore the hill sides from country homes to find treasures. Others enjoy quick access to sports like horse back riding, mountain biking, fishing; while others are inspired to do things like grow fruit and vegetables, take pictures, write, work remotely or run a farm. It is an exciting lifestyle to many that is highly influenced by its natural settings and opportunities to live your dreams.

Much More Quiet

Many people enjoy living out in the country because it is much quieter than in the city. You do not have to worry about the hustle and bustle of the street life and you will not hear vehicles whizzing up and down the streets throughout the day. The country is much quieter overall and you can actually listen to the birds chirping and the crickets croaking throughout the day and night. Getting out of the busy nature of city living can be a relief and allow you to re-focuss on simple things that you highly enjoy. This is one of the leading reasons why people seek out beautiful country homes located in the country.

Relaxing and Calm

When the sun goes down, the country offers a scenery that the city cannot offer to those living there. The country is open and there are no buildings taking up the additional space surrounding your home. Since the sky and area around you is open, you are able to lie down and view the stars in the sky without any obstructions.

Cost of Living is Low

Another reason that country living is perfect for many people is because the cost of living is much less than living in the city. You do not have to worry about high priced apartment living and you can typically rent or own a beautiful home for much lower than in the city.

In addition to the cost of a home being lowered, you will also find that vegetables, fruits, and dairy are priced lower as well. Since many country homeowners have their own farms or gardens, many of them do not need to travel to the store to get the basics they need.

Get the Home Space You Need

Have you ever arrived to a new home development or existing home for sale in the city to find yourself disappointed from the lack of space? That 600,000 dollars may go far in levels but not so far in useful space – where do I put my shoes! You start asking yourself questions like where would I put my clothes, our holiday items, our kids toys, our king size bed…

When you are looking at country homes in the countryside, you will find an abundance of space both in your home and on the land that you own. The rooms are larger, and you can often make simply modifications to upgrade the designs to your desire. And, you have space outside of the home to hold events, plant a garden and let the kids play. When you buy a home in the country, you get the space you need.

You Can Toss the Idea of Urgency

Out in the country there is no real sense of urgency like there is in the city. You are able to go about your day without having to rush around trying to beat the next person to the taxi. You can relax and take your day one step at a time. You will find that you get more done throughout the day and you do not feel as stressed. In other words, you will not be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Country Living is a Great Option

Selling your own home and moving out into the country is a great way to really enjoy life and learn what it is all about. You will be able to relax under the stars while enjoying the peace and quiet that the surrounding area has to offer you. A beautiful country home awaits you!