What do people like about country style homes?

Country living & country style homes

Country style homes are quite unique to most house plans. When it comes to distinctive styles of homes, have you ever wondered what is it people like about them; an urban high-rise or country style homes? Specifically, what do people like about country style homes?

Symbolic Country Style Homes

For many, a country home holds a great connection to nature. Nature allows us to “breath” and awaken our most valued senses and to extend these connections into a home is one of the most pleasing experiences. Such experiences include hearing the songs of the birds, seeing the wonders of nature take shapes and colors, and to smell the scents of fresh pine when outdoors.

The country home indeed represents the outdoors whether the design is log, timber, or contemporary. Country style homes can represent the many natural forms such as the flowers, the grasses, rockery, or free flowing waters in different ways to many.

Natural Patterns of Country Style Homes

Whether from distance or up close, to look at a country house is captivating. A log home for instance has interesting patterns. The cells or grains of each log are unique creating the most interesting blends of shapes and tones of color. The knots add extra contrast stimulating our interest. Each log has its own identity. Each time you look at a section of its structure, you may see it in a different way that enacts creativity, excitement or curiosity.

A timber frame, (see log style) shares an expression of woody. Each timber is cast in different directions; some presented like a tree standing; others as if nature’s arm had reached through the house with the fresh smell of a forest. And then, a modern contemporary design could be built within nature itself; a protruded rock, a striking tree or a calm creek with moss at its edges with modern design connecting to the purest of natural patterns. Such untouched forms can become natural patterns that flow in unity with contemporary design and country home plans.

Country Style Homes and Natures Architecture

When we see home designs, it is often an extension of its nearby environments. In urban areas, there are beautiful contemporary designs that are extensions of the creative city skyline. In nature, an architecture exists in the form of the lines of mountains or hills. A home can be designed to capture a mountain view or its architectural lines could compliment that of the shapes of hills or mountains.

For properties closely situated to water such as a creek or lake, country style homes can be built in a way to compliment the flow of water or reflections in view or from its relaxing sounds; an eco or soothing movement from a creek.

Other elements can be considered as an extension of natures architecture include colors and forms such as the flowers, the leaves of branches, the long natural grasses, a rusty rock and the ever changing skies. A country home becomes an extension and celebration of nature’s architecture.

There is a lot to like about country style homes. The symbolic connection, the intriguing patterns and the joining of nature’s architecture are a few the come to mind.