4 Fun Ways to Celebrate a Countryside Valentine’s


Valentine’s Day is basically here, and because of that, we’re all looking for something to do with our loved ones. Country living gives us a lot of opportunities to enjoy the world around us, and because of that, we’re going to give you five ideas you can use for your countryside Valentine’s celebration.


1. Take an adventure on the trails.


There is so much to enjoy all around our country homes, so why not take advantage of it? Go on a romantic hike together, or if you prefer, go biking. If you really want to make a day of it, saddle up your horses and go on a trail ride with them – they’ll get a Valentine’s Day treat too!


2. Take in the beauty of the stars.


Nature is absolutely beautiful, and you’re never too old to enjoy the stars in the sky at your country home. They’re stunning to look at, and, since we’re out in the countryside, you don’t have to worry about getting a lot of obtrusive artificial light. Consider getting a telescope and look up some maps so you can find planets or whatever other celestial bodies you can observe during this time of year.


3. Make a home cooked country meal.


Everyone loves home cooking! So, have some fun with your spouse or significant other and make one of your favorite meals, together. Chicken and biscuits, corn chowder, or whatever else you enjoy. You can even serve your love breakfast in bed; if that’s something you want to do. Then, spend some time at the table, enjoying each other’s company and eating a delicious meal that was made with love.


4. Enjoy a cuddle by the fire.


It sounds really simple, but there’s really nothing better than getting in front of the fire with your significant other and enjoying a good cuddle in your country home. Whether your fire is from your fireplace or woodstove; or if you’ve got a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy the warmth of the hearth and of each other’s company this Valentine’s Day.


How do you enjoy the countryside with your significant other for Valentine’s Day? These are just a few Valentine’s Day plans you can enjoy in your country home – we know that you’ve probably got plenty more as well!


By: FindCountryHomes