5 Pets that Complement Country Living

favorite pets for country living Photo Credit Elena Shumilova

When you are living in the country you’ll be surrounded by all kinds of animals both large and small. Of course, you’ll want to keep as far away as possible from some animals like coyotes and mountain lions. However, when you bring animals into your personal life as pets, you will have the opportunity to get closer to a little bit of the natural world. This is what country living is all about! Let’s take a look at 5 animals that will truly make great country living and hobby farm companions.


1. Dogs Truly are a Best Friend for Country Living

While enjoying your time in the countryside, you can’t go wrong bringing in a dog as an addition to the family. Many people choose a dog that can also accompany them on long walks and even help out with some work choirs.

For example, the Great Pyrenees is a beautiful dog that enjoys patrolling the grounds and even guarding livestock. Of course, if you plan to do some hunting, you should strongly consider a foxhound. Terriers are well known for their ability to keep mice out of a barn. If you want a dog that will be eager to help you pull a cart full of supplies, choose a Newfoundland or Saint Bernard. Most children are very excited about having a puppy and even the biggest of dogs including the Central Asian Shepard can be gentle companions. Do a little research and figure out which breed is best for you.


2. Goats Love Socializing

Goats might not be the first animals that come to your mind when you think “pets,” but actually they are surprisingly charming, full of personality and popular to hobby farms. Not surprisingly, they will want a lot of land to explore. Goats are rather social and will get lonely fast. After all, they are use to being in herds. So be sure to get your goat at least one buddy.


3. Pigs and Country Homes

Pigs are remarkably known to be good companions. Pet owners are often shocked by their intelligence. In fact, they are considered to be at least as smart as dogs. The pot-bellied pig is a smaller breed and common among pets. Actor George Clooney had such a companion by name of “Max the Star”! A baby pig will often grow into an enormous adult; so, if you are living in a country home and have lots of land, you should be able to provide what they need.


4. Ponies and Shetland Ponies

You can set up a living environment for your pet pony, much like you would for a horse. Ponies need a safe pasture, a shelter and fencing. The general rule of thumb is at least 3 acres per pony.

Needless to say, ponies are great pets, and they have fantastic personalities. However, there is some responsibility including daily grooming that includes brushing and hoof maintenance. On the positive side, they love to eat pasture grass and require less food than horses.

If you want an even cuter pony, consider Shetland ponies. These adorable ponies are particularly beloved by children. Plus they are the perfect riding size for the little ones.


5. Make a Living Off Your Alpaca Companions

If you are considering an even more exotic pet that can also be a companion animal, consider an alpaca. Some people not only have them as pets, but also make money off their alpacas by making items with their fleece. Alpaca fleece makes excellent sweaters and socks that are lightweight, soft and warm.

Alpacas are loving animals and it’s possible to train them. They also will be gentle around children and other guests in case of a hobby farm. Plus, they don’t really need to be groomed or washed. Keep in mind, however, that like many other country living pets, alpacas are used to being in herds. Be sure to get more than just one to keep them in good spirits.


As you can see, there are many animals that will be a perfect fit for your life in the countryside. Just give them lots of love and companionship, and they will give back for years to come. Can you add something to this list? Share your favourite animals for country living!
Photo Credit: Elena Shumilova