Countryside Wild Flowers for Valentine’s Day

romantic wild flowers

When it comes to Valentine’s Day and country living, it’s not necessary to always resort to buying roses year after year. A much more thoughtful and natural approach may be to find and select wild flowers. Because this approach will be slightly surprising, it will be highly likely to go over as a very romantic gesture! Your partner will know that you went the extra mile to find flowers that were thoughtful and appealing to them! Let’s take a look at a selection of wild flowers, from countries around the world, that will surely take your Valentine’s gift ideas to the next level!


The Fragrant Freesia Alba


Though these flowers have now been introduced to a variety of continents, they are originally from South Africa. They are lovely fragrant and sweet flowersthat have white petals with a touch of yellow and purple. The beauty of these flowersalong with their aroma will make your loved one’s heart skip a beat. They also have a very natural and wild look that makes them look like they were freshly picked from a countryside meadow.

White Carnations Symbolize True Love

While many people quickly pass by white carnations come Valentine’s Day, there is something very special about them that you may not realize. They not only represent love, but they also represent good luck. Also carnations offer a bit of an international flair, since they are native to the Mediterranean region. These flowers will also last a long time in a vase, so perhaps they will even go on to spread your positive love vibes until early March!

Focus on Red with the Red Woolly Sundew

As its name suggests, the red woolly sundew is a red flower. From its color alone, this wildflower hearkens to Valentine’s Day. This flower also reflects the international theme since it comes from the outback of Southwest Australia.

The Gorgeous Colors of Alstroemeria Flowers


Originating from South America, the alstroemeria is often called the Inca lily or Peruvian lily. Today, alstroemeria can be found growing wild as weeds as far away as Australia. This breathtaking flower comes in an array of colors including orange, pink, lavender, purple, white, yellow and red. They will make an exciting addition to any bouquet, and stand on their own as well.

A Selection of American Wildflowers

Of course, there are also a wide variety of wildflowers that grow in the United States. Some are extremely beautiful and are often overlooked, but they still make a charming gift for Valentine’s Day.

For example, the eryngo is a purple flower full of intricate detail. Surprisingly, this wildflower is related to the carrot and can be eaten. Once upon a time, these flowers were even made into candy and eaten as an aphrodisiac!

Wisteria is another beautiful wildflower that commonly grows in the US. They come in purple, pink, violet and white and can be quite fragrant. If you are familiar with country living, you may already be familiar with the wisteria, as it often grows quickly in abundance. You will often see wisteria featured prominently in romantic landscape paintings of the countryside.


Of course, the romantic wild flowers highlighted here are just a fraction of what’s out there. So think beyond just getting roses and get creative with your Valentine’s Day flower selection. When you put care and effort into selecting flowers, your sweetie will surely think fondly not only about country living, but also about you as well.