Valentines Day Ideas Inspired by Nature

romantic valentines day ideas

Looking for Valentines Day ideas? This Valentines Day is inspired by Nature! With the day of Valentines just around the corner you may still be wondering how to spend this special day with your Valentine Sweet Heart. To help you plan something together or as a surprise, here is a fresh list of Valentine’s Day ideas inspired by the countryside lifestyle!

Snow Shoe Valentines

For those of you that are adventurous and into a fitness lifestyle, a snow shoe trip can be a lot of fun and yes; romantic. First, when you are snow shoeing you absolutely forget anything stressful like work because if you are not focused on the shoes, you are likely to do a head plant in the snow! And well, this can make for some lasting memories too! While you are down there, you can make a snow angel! Next, while taking your time in your snow shoes walk and enjoying nature, you can plan your trip so you arrive at a day cabin. Here you can get back to your normal shoe size, warm up to a fire and have a romantic lunch!

Spa in nature

If the first option sounded a bit too cold and exhausting, well then, relax to this idea… In the countryside there’s many hot spots in nature and by this I mean spas in nature! A spa in nature is a hot spring that is naturally occurring. Try a search on the subject to see if there is one or more within a reasonable distance to travel. Often local communities and parks and recreation groups have setup such spas in nature with great infrastructure and ambiance as do spa resorts. Dipping into a spa within nature together can be both romantic and relaxing.

Horseback riding

Being together with your sweet heart is the ultimate goal of Valentines Day Ideas and sharing a common interest hobby such as horseback riding is another idea. If you enjoy the outdoors lifestyle and horses, horseback riding through the country side can be a wonderful from sharing the experience in nature, and conversation with each other and your horse or course! Such experiences are memorable and can be very romantic.

Valentine’s Day Picnic

Because horseback riding is not for everyone, an alternative or combined idea could be a countryside picnic. Choose a place you know of or an area that is highly recommended for such romantic events. Bring some food and special sweet treats. This can be a nice way to spend time away from routines places and focus on the romantic moments. In case you have young children, it’s also a nice way for a family to spend the day to share in the love of Valentines.

Wine & Chocolate Wine Tour

Depending on where you live, you may have access to wineries. And, while it may not be the best time to explore the grounds of a vineyard, unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere, a wine tour can be a fun way to enjoy the day. Each place will have its own unique wines for taste and instead of cheese and wine, you can enjoy chocolate and wine for a romantic taste!

Romantic Lakeside Restaurant

There’s nothing more romantic that a lakeside restaurant for a romantic valentine’s lunch or early dinner. Being in a nice restaurant with good food and company is always wonderful, but, when you can add a wonderful outdoor view it magnifies the experience. Being in a nice restaurant nearby a scenic window, which extends to a lake view among other wonders of nature, creates an amazing experience; and, when in company of your valentine sweet heart, it can be naturally romantic!

For Valentines Day Ideas we hope these ideas inspire you to share a day that is joyful and romantic! And, when Valentines Day ends remember that romance is forever throughout the year… Courting Pippa: A heart-tugging romantic comedy