Wondering Where to List Country Real Estate or Land for Sale? 


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List property within a community of country life enthusiasts. Reach local, national and global markets that are specifically looking for country properties. Find Country Homes™ offers you property marketing solutions using modern networking for your country properties which consists of the following:


  • Research property & do marketing plan
  • List property with professional article format
  • Build and publish Slide Show Video (picture & music)
  • SEO for direct discovery based on market research
  • Execute campaigns via top media communication channels
  • Reach relevant local, national & international markets


We work via a Finders Fee arrangement and ultimately hope to help both buyers and sellers reach their goals as easily as possible. This means, no wasted costs. We only get paid if you complete a sale from one of our leads. In order for us to get your property for sale in front of our audiences, we first require an initial information session that you can book online at a day and time best for you. But, first, have a read to the bottom of this page to gain more insight. 


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Find Country Homes™ connects with people that are passionate about the exciting lifestyles that country properties offer. Every country property has many captive values from within and in connection to nearby nature and communities. Below, learn more about what to expect in the process, the benefits of listing with us and some useful property advertisement topics in general.





List Property: Quickly Get In Front of Your Relevant Market!


Easy Steps to List Property:   

Step 1: Setup your scheduled appointment. This gives you a chance to ask questions on a call to learn more about us and get a better feel for how we could help us with your ultimate goals. It also gives us a chance to understand what is unique about your property and what types of markets are looking for this type of property. 


Step 2: If you wish to proceed during or after our call, we would complete a finders fee agreement. This is a two pager that that you can review and complete via PandaDoc. This is a well known and trusted third party application that acts like an intermediary that sends initial draft to both parties and sends a completed finished copy to all parties. We keep this doc very simple. We have one goal; to deliver a relevant lead that results in your end goals; even though you do not have to use any of our leads and you can discontinue this agreement anytime as per the content. We created this model of collaboration because this is what properties owners said they preferred. And, we like it too. 


Step 3: We need to build a story about your property. With each property we discover the amazing values it hold both within its dwellings, the land and within the region as well. This is why we say again and again, country properties are unique in so many ways from being on the property to within the lands and nearby communities. 


How to List Land for Sale: Property Listing Content Creation

If you already have a written description of the property and pictures, this helps us create the final product. The final product will include an original professionally written article of between 1000-2000 words and slide show video with music. We then apply marketing techniques to drive relevant buyers to your webpage on Find Country Homes. Just leave the technical communication channels work to us! We need 3 things to build your content…


Description – 300-500 words in rough draft is a good descriptive size to help us create a final product — We build this into a large article later! Alternatively, we can get this information simply from a phone conversation or existing content.  Listing Price – this is required to attract your correct target market  Pictures: 1 to 2 mb picture size is desired with 20-25 pictures. Larger pics are not desired for websites because it loads to slow and you lose viewers and recognition from search engines! We may send you a link to upload pictures or just have it emailed to us. Next, we come in behind the scenes to carefully craft and optimize this content so pictures can be found in specific searches. If you are not comfortable with picture sizes, just let us know and we can work through it together. 


Why should I list with FindCountryHomes™?


list property where to list land for sale


At the root of selling country properties are common interest groups. Would you want to sell a country property where a majority market is searching for urban products or unrelated lifestyle topics?  Or, would you want to market to resources that are confined geographically like within your local area to to a specific city? Probably not because the majority of that audience is not looking for your offering!


In order to sell effectively, we need to get in front of our most relevant buyers. So, for country homes, wouldn’t you want to get in front of people that love such homes as well as the lifestyle of country living? Of course! FindCountryHomes (FCH) is focused on putting country homes for sale in front of relevant buyers – the people that are actually seeking country homes and lifestyle interests. We write about country homes and country living attracting people and their networks with similar interests, wants and needs to our website.


Listings use highly effective filtering techniques to communicate your unique property offering with search platforms to get in front of the people that have more specific interests to your property. Your listing goes beyond your unique web page! After we create your professionally written article, we optimize your content for search engines and share your offering within various communication channels within your target markets. This target audience includes local, national and international audiences and we stay on top of latest technologies and make content attractive.  


A focused resource, a common interests audience (a community with desires for beautiful country homes and its lifestyles), effective filtering and the power of communication channels puts you up front faster!  


What does a listing include and Who should list?

The listing includes property and local area research for marketing strategies, marketing planning, content search engine optimization (written and pics) for reaching your audience, an original professionally researched and written article and YouTube slide video — be sure to check out a few real estate videos. We invite individual home owners, home representatives such as realtors and home developers to use this service; listings should be within the theme of country homes/living.  


Communications Process

When you have an active listing on Find Country Homes, leads will first contact us to inquire about your property. This enables us to ask some questions and filter out non relevant persons. If persons inquiring fall within highly relevant and fit within regards to buyer readiness, we will contact you to share this lead. For this point, you and a potential buyer are one on one. We are not realtors or brokers and do not interact with any buyer seller showings or contracts. 


What is the Listing period?

The listing period is generally open until a sale or when you say take it off. If we cannot reach an owner after a reasonable period or months, we may also take it off the market. You can also request to have the property taken off the market during certain months. We can easily do this and then reactive as necessary. At any time, you can request to stop the property listing.   


Our Passion for Helping from Property Owners to Buyers


where to list land how to list property


Find Country Homes was originally built from within a country property for sale in British Columbia, Canada. After traditional marketing was not reaching target markets, it set out to solve its own problem and then that of others. It soon discovered that the buyers were also in need of solutions to Find Country Homes!  


One solution had let to another and we committed to build a resource for bringing together a community with common interest and desires to country properties! More, we desired to build an effective means to reach target markets without geographical constraints for country homes.  


Away with the needle in a haystack marketing and no more cluttered online content to find countryside dream homes! Buyers are refreshed to discover your home on our site because its highly relevant to what they are looking for! The audience that comes to our website shares common interest to the place you are selling; country homes and country life. Our, marketing and media attracts a community of country living and other a range of property topics that we learned from buyers. These combined networks create awareness and multiple communication channels; increasing your pool of ideal candidates.


It is a well known fact that national and international cultures are playing a greater role in purchasing real estate. And this is especially true for higher prices rural properties. Waiting on local markets can lead to downward price pressures to meet the needs of your less ideal market. This is often the case for country properties because pricing is often attractive to those in higher income brackets or even from industries less common to local areas. 


When selling your home, the buyer can be from almost anywhere today for country homes! A home selling marketing strategy should include national and international populations in addition to local and this online platform is reaching them!  This powerful marketing tool that has focus, a common interests audience, the power of communication channels and ultimately can put your property up front with your ideal buyers quickly!


Find Country Homes is determined to deliver ideal buyers to country properties for sale, the only question is whether it will be to your property? 


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