How to Make Your Outdoor Spaces Lively and Practical

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The most exciting part about having a home with outdoor spaces is transforming this part of the property to fit our desires with freedom of expression! To help you transform your outdoor spaces for your own personal interests, here are some favorite outdoor features.


Pergolas Appeals to Outdoor Spaces

A Pergola is a wooden structure composed of vertical posts or pillars with cross beams and often open lattice. It is very appealing to the eye and has a range of use. The pergola can be used in walkways. When used in a walkway, the pergola can be complimented with plants such as vines to create a nice experience leading to a home or features a country property.

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Additionally, its quite common to use the pergola in private outdoor space areas within a homes landscape. In this use, it can be combined with outdoor furniture, outdoor decorations and such that support a comfortable outdoor experience enjoyed with friends or in private. The top of the pergola can be designed to ones delight such as reducing direct levels of sunlight, adding strings of lighting for night time use and more! See pergola designs and prices.

Outdoor Tiered Plant Stand Adds Levels Of Enjoyment

One of the simplest yet effect ideas for plant arrangements is the Outdoor Tiered Plant Stand. The word tiered represents a series of rows of levels. So, the idea of an outdoor tiered plant stand is to design a plant stand with multiple levels for many plants in pots. This design can fit as little as two plants pots to as many as you see fit. Its raised design also prevents water stains from plants pots on surfaces such as sundecks. Favorite features of the tiered plant stand is its ability to easily fit within outdoor spaces from sun decks and porches to walkways.


A Butterfly House As A Thank-You

Butterflies are a very special part of nature. These colorful and graceful beings of nature bring joy to all ages. Can you recall seeing a butterfly land nearby on even on someone or yourself for a moment! The world tends to stop with amaze leaving one with a best experience. So, the idea of a butterfly house is really nice indeed to send the message to keep coming back!

butterfly house home outdoor spaces

Because our home environments are quite often modified from its original natural environments, when we enrich our outdoor spaces with flowers and such that attract butterflies, a butterfly house is a natural fit. This special house is designed to give butterflies a break from the sunlight while also some protection from predators. A nice gesture for all the joys brought to us!


Get Organized With The Garden Closet

Over time with the creation of beautiful gardens, we tend to accumulate some tools and materials to maintain this wonderful addition to our outdoor spaces. Often our garden tools tend to end up in a shop or basement along with many other things. So, wouldn’t it be better to have your garden tools in one place and closest to your garden? Of course! This is why a garden closet is one of our favorite landscape features. A garden closet can be designed to blend with the outside of a house or in some other arrangement. The garden closet should be add convenience to your work outdoors while also adding a bit of flair in design to the overall outdoor space!


Traditional Or Striped Down Window Planter: Simply Eye Catching

Whether by traditional window planters or striped down window planters each has its place around your house. The Striped down window planter has a more open design and is mean’t to be attached to the house by its base. Its really quite simple and could best be described as a open shelf with holes cut in it. Its simple design is easy to paint to match or contrast your house colors and the holes enable a clean and well organized planter.

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The more traditional enclosed window planters come in all shapes and sizes and are mean’t to sit on an existing ledge at the window. These types of window planters are also simple to use and can be painted to whatever eye catching result you have in mind!


A Timber Bench Connects Outdoors With Nature

One of the simplest yet highly enjoyed features of a homes outdoor space is a timber bench. A timber bench can serve a lot of benefits around your home or country property. For starters, its beautiful wooden tones and broader wooden structure resonates with nature and is a great decoration tie in to landscapes such as a flower garden and nearby trees.

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And then, in addition to its visual appeal, it also serves to great use. The timber bench is a wonderful place to sit down solo or with friends and loved ones to really open up your senses to the joys of being outside in nature.


A house or country home with outdoor spaces should be filled with personality and desire. From its landscapes to a house edge. It is a place to enjoy both personally and in company with friends, family and sometimes a butterfly. Imagine the things you’d want in your home outdoors spaces and then make it so!