3 Reasons Why FAMI Outdoor Solar Lights Are A Good Choice

Home Solar Lighting is advancing by the year and has many benefits today over traditional lighting. Specifically, outdoor solar lighting is now quite cost effective and have many advantages over traditional lighting. Moreover, the designs of solar lighting have enables new lighting design great from country homes or the suburb and applied to fences, stair or deck railing, home accents and more. Here are 3 reasons we like the FAMI solar lighting.


Outdoor Solar Lights Reliability.

Lighting that is professionally installed can be very reliable, however, there are those things that feed power into your property that can be less reliable. For example, if you have lived in your home over a period of months or years, there is a good change that your power has been out from maintenance to the power grid or incidences such as storms. Whether you are within a country home or in urban areas, the more independent you are to the grid the better. Solar lighting such as this Fami outdoor solar light is a complete resource in its own. When the main grid goes out, it does not care!


Home Lighting Design and Positioning.

Home lighting can be one of those things that require trial and error. In most cases, we pic a spot for some lighting and then its committed by the infrastructure. With the design of the FAMI outdoor solar lights, you can try out a different spot for your lighting with a simple clamping connection. You can move it around to get the right lighting needs quite easily. This solar lighting mounting is an excellent solution so you can adapt lighting needs rather than adapting around your lighting.


The Cost of Traditional Versus Solar Home Lighting

The cost of power has continually grown for home owners. Depending on where you live, it is not unheard of for power bills to be in the hundreds of dollars per month. Because traditional outdoor lighting often uses higher wattage bulbs and left on throughout the night, the cost of these lights can really contribute to that bill. As a solution against cash burn, these FAMI solar lights can switch cash burn towards cash savings.


Fami Outdoor Solar Lights

The fami ourdoor lights with 100 LM have 9 LED with motion sensor activation, are waterproof and have an atractive design. By weight each unit is between 1 and 2 pounds and has a sturdy mount so it will not flop around in the wind yet its not too heavy for what it gets installed on. The design is compact enough that is blends nicely with a homes components given many options for country homes or simple house outdoor spaces.

So, whether you install these solar lights on a gutter, a fence or a guard rail, it can really work nicely with more house areas. The 100 LM with 9 LED’s is enough to achieve good lighting on important areas and this power to light balance enables it to last though nights. Both cold (more whitish) and warm light (more yellowish) versions are available. This example is cold light. See more details following this page.