Why This Outdoor Grill Will Make You Think Again About Cooking Indoors!

There is something about cooking on a outdoor grills that can just bring out the best in flavors and enable some of our favorite cooking recipes! Some favorite grill foods that may resonate with you are Sweet Teriyaki Beef Skewers, grilled garlic and herb shrimp, grilled salmon, chicken kabobs or that home made burger made with love from the grill!

Fortunately, today, there has been a lot of new innovations for outdoor BBQ grills. With some of the new home designs and its outdoors space, BBQ islands can include built in cooking appliances with grills and then there has also been some really interesting BBQ grill designs for wood and coal. Traditional grills still get the job done too.

And then came along this really interesting outdoor grill design by Aussie. This caught our attention for many reasons. To begin, the grilling surface area is great for a range of BBQ needs. With 300 plus square inches of grill space, you could cook 4 to 6 hamburgers and 4 hot dogs at one time plus have a second warming level for buns and other foods like corn making this is quite practical for friends, families and even small events.

And, at 12,000 BTU, you can cook a lot of stuff fast! For its energy source, this BBQ grill can use either 16 ounce or roughly 1 pound gas bottles or with an adapter hook up to larger tanks.

The structure uses stainless steel giving it a really nice modern look and benefits such as heat retention and corrosion resistance.

When you are done with the grilling unit and its cleaned up, you can latch the lid, fold the legs, carry it in one hand like a case and store it for the next cook out!

Because of its grill surface area and platform and heating design, you could get a lot of use from this grill from cooking around different outdoor spaces around home to a having lunch outdoors at a sporting event or at the lake, camping and more.

In all, this is a smart and practical gas grill unit that can enable favorite grilled meals conveniently for yourself, family and friends. Check it out – learn more!