Why These Home Robot Vacuums Are Best In Class for Time & Health Benefits

Wouldn’t you agree that a newly cleaned home can bring refreshing appeal to the eyes and can even uplift our mood and productivity! But, a clean house is not always so easy to maintain with big areas like the kitchen and floors! But, what if this could be easier? Even better, what if you could completely outsource this work with one simple home investment: the Roomba I7! After more than 20 years of innovation within the Robot Vacuum industry, the Roomba I7 Robot may be your next favorite addition around home… But, how good are robot vacuums?

Robot Vacuum History: A little history may be helpful to understand the process a new household idea such as a robotic vacuum cleaner. To begin, in 1996, Electrolux took the leap and introduced the first “Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. And then, in 2001, iRobot, an American Technology company came out with the Roomba floor vacuuming robot! Both were great innovations of its time but these came with constraints to the readiness of other technology such as cloud tech and sensor technology.

The Evolution of Robot Vacuums: The evolution of robot vacuums has come a long ways. First, if you consider some of the early constraints, the sensor technology has come a really long ways since the early 2000’s era. New sensor tech for floor vacuum robots enables very precise grid management…Grid management can be programmed to very specific areas or you can let the robot map out areas automatically. And then, you can set a schedule so all the work is done while you are out. This is an important advancement especially if you have questions such as what are the best robot vacuums for large areas!

The Roomba I7 can manage up to 10 different floor plans; this includes many types of carpets and hardwood or laminate flooring. If the floor plan is not within the base station, you simply have to carry your little robot to the specific floors; no legs yet! Equally impressive, the Roomba I7 can be controlled by voice command. With certain apps, you can control your Robot Vacuum from your phone. Further, you can get update reports on the cleaning such as square footage covered or any problem reaching areas…

The Roomba I7 Robot has one really awesome feature in our opinion; bin emptying! Once the Roomba I7 reaches a certain level of dirt or debris in its catch mechanism, it makes way to its base station area. When on the base station, the debris are vacuumed into a tower within a garbage bag — completely automatic bin emptying! Moreover, this garbage bag holds several empty cycles. In the end, you access a closed garbage grab and transfer it to your general garbage. How’s that for fully automated house cleaning.

When it comes to house cleaning and smart home technology, the Roomba I7 Robot Vacuum can be a great addition to the value of your home and time. The Roomba I7 and many others of this class contributes to a clean home and valued time management. One could say this has benefits of health and time!