How to Apply Green Home Building Strategies for Savings & Performance

A great book available in paperback or e-book via authors Miki Cook and Doug Garrett on the topic of green home building.

There have been many ideas and advances on products for green home building in recent years. And, the home green building costs have dropped dramatically as economies of scale have been achieved enabling exciting product and design solutions for urban or country homes.

Building homes can be very rewarding with regards to its creativity and utility. And today, we can also incorporate green building products and techniques in respect to our resource use for generations and in many cases green building can lower the long term costs of our urban or country  properties.

Moreover, there are some interesting clean energy home programs emerging for those in support of green homes. Properties with green products such as solar power in the present are already becoming income producing mechanisms or producers rather than consumers; the future looks great! Wouldn’t it be great if you home could generate some income be simply participating in green products? This also supports equity based economies!

To this, we really like this green home building book. Have a look, learn and enjoy the wisdom.

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