Ideal Home Flooring for Fitness & Play Areas: EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

One of the benefits of having extra rooms in that extra space for things like recreational use and this may include home space for fitness and even playrooms! Having a room for fitness is rewarding to overall physical and mental health. And, while, its great to exercise outdoors, a fitness space enables us to exercise on our own terms and in a personally designed space for joy and performance!

When it comes to a fitness room design or your personal gym workout space, there are a few key design requirements one may consider. This includes flooring, sound, lighting and ventilation.

When it comes to flooring specifically, some of its features to consider for a fitness or playroom include comfort on the feet, durability, sound absorption (less echoing) and overall maintenance.

This ProSource puzzle exercise mat is a favorite flooring material that can enables such benefits.

First, this puzzle mat flooring is seems quite comfortable on the feet and even the knees compared to hardwood floor if you are doing floor exercise and can still to coupled with a yoga like mat.

This exercise mat flooring is also very durable too! So, when you have exercise equipment such as a bike or weights, you don’t have to worry about equipment wearing into a floor and moving around while you are into your gym workout!

And, with weights, you can push yourself further and be less concerned with dropping weights on the floor. Moreover, these exercise flooring mats can deaden the sound in the room. This creates a nice environment that is much more quite when you are exercising and also isolates sound from the rest of the home so others are not overwhelmed by an exercise bike, the sounds of weights, a tread mill or such…

Moreover, these puzzle exercise mats can be strategically placed in sections of a room in case you need a hard wood section for specific exercise needs. These mats could find a lot of different use for a range of family needs.

And, if you want to move your fitness room to another, you can just move your puzzle mats to another room super fast.