How Amazon’s Echo Smart Home Device Will Make You More Productive

The term Smart Homes is becoming a popular phase and for a lot of great reasons!  With advances in technologies, the internet of things, or stuff we connect to the internet, is progressing into our homes with solutions such as the Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo consists of a speaker with functions that you control with your voice in connection to a virtual assistant within the internet and cloud technology. Let’s learn how the Echo can make you more productive around your home! 


Alexa Personal Assistant

To fully understand the values of the Amazon Echo, you must first understand the virtual assistant within called Alexa by Amazon. Alexa is the voice or virtual assistant within this Smart Home device that interacts with you. You can ask Alexa a question and then get response with answers or actions from an powerful information resource.


Waking Up With Amazon Echo

There is nothing new about an alarm clock, but the Echo will deliver a custom sound to wake you and you can control the alarm via a voice command. In the case of children that may be hard to wake, you could program something into the alarm to get them up and going more effectively. With advanced networking devices such as the smart home thermostat, you could even tell alexa to increase or decrease the temperature from within your bed covers. See more on this below.


Make Calls at Home From Any Room

If had the choice of being hands free while on a call or having cables or devices held to your ear, which would you choose? Probably like many of us, we’d choose hands free most of the time and especially while at home.

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The Amazon Echo is a great device for achieving this. As long as your main phone or cell system is in sync with your Echo, your good to go on voice command! Moreover, depending on the layout of your property and the level of technology networking with other devices, you could potentially execute calls from any room in your home; maybe you could plan this into your house design or home decor!

Just another thought, what if you were alone in bed and were not feeling all that great. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just stay put and ask Alexa to call someone. There are many situations where this could be helpful.


Being Creative With Amazon Echo

Have you ever heard of a stenographer? A stenographer is a person that transcribes speech into short hand writing. And, some of the greatest benefits to using a stenographer is that they enable free-flowing speech or thinking and less analyzing while maintaining useful records of information or ideas.

In a similar manner, when you want to be creative, the Amazon Echo can quickly deliver a response to your ideas or thoughts or even record your brain-storms that you share in voice. You could be getting into home decor or house design ideas or maybe gathering inspiration for your next vacation! Rather than getting distracted by typing errors or spelling of words you can focus on the moment and get results fast.


Get Fast Responses to Questions By Alexa (some examples..)

  • What is the difference between no.1 and no.3 lumber
  • convert 600 acres to hectares
  • Where is the nearest window supplier
  • What colors go with brown?
  • What’s another word for creative?
  • What’s the temperature in Tahiti?

Check out the section discover and enable skills on the next details page.


Network With Other Smart Home Devices

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If you are more advanced on the subject of smart home devices, you may already have smart temperature controls and such. If this is the case, you may wish to have the Amazon Echo Plus because it is designed to communicate in more depth with multiple smart home devices. In the following page you can compare the different Echo smart home devices for your interests.


Amazon Echo To Remind Me

How many times have we asked someone to remind us to do something and they forget or we loose the notes on the topic. Using the Echo to make a list of things to do and is super valuable to getting things done. And, keep in mind that your phone can be linked with your Echo so what you organize at home can also be communicated while you are out. No more lost paper lists or thinking that you will reschedule in your mind. Your new virtual personal assistant can do this for you!


Order Stuff To Your House With Amazon Echo

Going to the store takes up a lot of time in a day. And sometimes, there is just that one item that you know you will need and it can take a lot of productive time away. For instance, imagine you are running low on dog food or laundry soap so you can plan this in a list for your next shopping cycle or plan for some schedule changes on the way home tomorrow.


Alternatively, with the Echo, you could simply ask Alexa to order it from an account you have setup — in a matter of seconds. In just seconds, not hours, you could carry out that important home task and then have an hour to do something much more valuable to your time! One other way to look at this is to say, you just bought yourself an hour or such.


So, having a smart home device such as the Amazon Echo may indeed help us get the things we need and want in a much easier way! This may include piece of mind when we need a little help via a call, quick and effective research, and more time for things that really matter.


Its not about spending too much time online but rather delegating stuff that we really don’t need to be doing. When you think about it, many of the tasks we require to do from day to day require such a small amount of time actually executing the work. The time wasting stuff is from the inefficiencies we often face to get there to results we seek out!


The Echo may be one of the greatest home additions to help us with the little things in life that we need to get done. The fact that the Echo also plays music within a quality sound system via voice command is a bonus! How could the Amazon Echo help out around your home?