House Flipping: How to Buy, Rehab and Resell Residential Properties

Looking for wisdom on buying and reselling a range of residential properties, success in the real estate business or casual house flipping? One of our best lessons learned has been on learning from others on such real estate subject matter.

Because we tend to get stuck in the limitations of our real estate experience and thinking, outside perspective always seems to bring out those questions or ideas would just never be had in mind and enable us to move to greater achievements!

And, so, its great to have conversations with the like minded and many whom have at least a few home real estate projects related to house flipping under their belt which is why we like this book.

This book by J Scott is terrific on the topic of house flipping and many other valuable knowledge areas for those into buying and selling residential properties. J Scott and a family team effort has undergone hundred of real estate projects and shares success factors from his experience.

More, this book includes an excellent real estate conversation and mind-set from the business of house flipping. This level of conversation can therefore enrich subjects around buying and selling real estate whether your property types are urban, sub-urban or country properties.

More, whether your aspirations are simply to buy and sell a few urban, sub-urban or country properties, the more conversations you have with those experienced in the business of real estate, the great your knowledge on subject matter and you can apply this to help you achieve your goals in real estate.

Some of the topics covered in this real estate book include home financing deals, evaluations, types of properties to consider, making real estate offers and due diligence, home project planning and execution (rehab), and closing topics. Have a look at the book!

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