How to Create Wealth & Passive Income In Rental Real Estate Investing

When it comes to Rental Real Estate Investing, there are a lot of things to consider from the types of properties from country homes and raw land to condos or even commercial real estate that you may want to invest in to having a strategy that works best to reach your goals.

Real Estate investing can include a range of strategies from having rental properties to investing in real estate from flipping or having a properties that includes an existing business such as a guest ranch, a farm, a retail store…

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In real estate whether you are building a home for the first time or making your first purchase, knowledge from others with the experience and insights can lead to much better decisions and increase your success. When you talk to someone that has done very well in real estate investing, its never all about success but the failures as well.

Similarly, if you talk with people that have built several homes and ask them to look at your first home design, chances are they will point out the what not to do stuff and this helps you re frame your thinking to sometimes think ahh, I did not see it from that point of view.

That said, we came across this book by Brandon Turner that is focused mainly on real estate rental properties and offers great value and shared experiences. This is a person that is passionate about the subject and highly experienced with a range in real estate investing. He offers a great wealth of information suitable for those looking at how to start in rental real estate investing as well as those that may want to brush up on the subjects of real estate investing to help them achieve new wealth building goals.

This book by Brandon Turner on real estate rental property investing offers great information on real estate investing from the point of view of building your portfolio to big picture strategies on how to effectively build and manage your business of investing in real estate. As a favorite real estate book, there are many exciting and useful ideas and experiences for interest on the subject of real estate investing.