2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator For Home Productivity & Outage Backup

Portable Inverter generators are great to have for home owners.

For simple home projects, you can access power where ever you need it or save time from trying to get extension cords to you work area.

Portable generators are also great for backup power. Home power services can be lost any time of the year from damaged power poles, wind storms or scheduled maintenance. The greatest needs for power come at times when you need essential things like lighting, some portable heat, or keeping a fridge going to keep food from spoiling.

It is a great solution for both productivity and providing some assurance for power outages.

When we looked around for portable generators to share, this one by Generac seemed like a good all around unit with power output that could handle a range of needs with reasonable weight for moving the unit around and lower decibels for noise comfort. Moreover, for 2200 watts, the price seems quite reasonable.