Smart Home Thermostat: Save Energy and Improve Comfort

When it comes to Smart Home devices that can make improvements to our homes and lifestyles, the smart home thermostat by Nest seems to be a great value. The pro version, as one option, is one of the smart devices that seems to provide everything is says it will and is a nice improvement from the old thermostat with mercury and mechanical devices.

We really like the idea that this thermostat can learn heating and cooling habits based on our routines, be accessed from our phones or controlled manually.

If we think in terms of percentage, the ability to adjust to save energy or schedule temperatures can save money and improve our productivity. In terms of dollars, heating today whether by gas or electric can eat up 70 to 120 dollars a month for a house when at constant thermostat settings.

According to Nest, the units are known to save 10-12 percent on heating and up to 15% on cooling, so you can save money, reduce energy use and let the system make setup your temperature preferences for your comfort!