Why This Country Home for Sale in Merritt BC Canada Will Capture Your Greatest Desires Merritt BC Canada

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Price : $799,999.00
Home area : 5232 sq ft
Land area : 17.27 acres
Bedrooms : 5
Bathrooms : 3

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Before, we get into the subject of BC ranches for sale, take a moment to visualize the most exciting country homes and landscapes you’ve seen or imagined! Many exciting images may come to mind from flowering fields, lush grasslands, remarkable forests, or even rolling hills in connection to beautiful skies! And then, maybe this includes having your favorite animals as with a horse property, guest ranch or hobby farm!

horse property for sale Merritt BC Canada dream home

Next, imagine your country house with a home design that appeals to all your needs with spaces that fit both personal and social desires; a country home that fits perfectly with the lands it sits to enable an experience with nature that you would think you could only dream of! Make it so.


This property is among a favorite for BC ranches for sale; and, is a reality of such imagination! Here’s why…

Geography Shaped This Country Home for Sale in Canada For What It Is!

This is the sort of place many of us may have only seen on film or in pictures; Tuscany like hills forming scenic backdrops within cosy timber filled surroundings. And then, the natural grasses of the lower lying areas lead down the hills and to a charming country house that seems to fit in perfectly with nature; the qualities of these landscapes are part of some very significant geography!


The Nicola Valley, also known as Nicola is a subregion of British Columbia (BC), Canada. It is influenced by the impressive Canadian Cascades and Lillooet ranges of Coastal Mountains. In contrast to the great mountain ranges, the Nicola is more open, and gentle with many more sun days making it ideal for those seeking acreages for sale in BC and the lifestyles of country living. As a matter of fact, one of the worlds largest ranches is within this valley.


The Nicola Valley is also an excellent hub to many attractions around British Columbia. Roughly 270 km away, a few hours drive, Vancouver BC, Canada is one of the most envied cities in the world for its beautiful scenery, wonderful markets and events. The West Coast of BC is a super place enjoy some adventure.

whistler bc canada coastal mountains country properties for sale

To the North, you can explore places like Kamloops (an hour drive), a very vibrant and growing city with excellent services and shopping. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can take the North West route to the famous all season resort of Whistler BC. This route is less travelled and you won’t be bothered by the major traffic of Vancouver.


To the South, as little as an hour drive, is the famous Okanogan Valley with places like Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton which are popular for its beautiful lakes, sandy beaches and warm weather. More, The Okanogan has some of the best wines in the world from its many vineyards plus a huge variety of fresh fruit for its rich lands. And, if that’s not your thing, similar to Vancouver, there are many places to explore for recreation or events.


Some places are great for home and family while others are better for exploring on your time off. Would you not agree? The Nicola valley offers a great home and family environment while offering access to some of the most exciting places to explore in the world.


Real Estate in Merritt BC Canada – Sense of Community with a Future

merritt bc canada music country homes

The community of Merritt BC Canada is at the heart of Nicola. Named after an engineer, William Hamilton Merritt, in the early 1900’s, It is the commercial focus for the valley with important industries such as ranching and forestry and likely emerging industries such as tech as well.


Because Merritt is within the top route to Vancouver, and closer than places like Kelowna and Kamloops, it has a lot of future potential for business and family. Moreover, it has been a favourite choice of places amongst some of the world’s greatest icons.


Music and social gatherings have found its way into the community. Although Merritt is smaller community, during the summer, it has been known to bring in thousands of visitors to hear the music of famous musicians from around the world. The Merritt music festival occurs annually and has made its mark giving Merritt the reputation as being the Country Music Capital of Canada and features a Hall of Fame and Walk of Stars!


Merritt has all the great qualities for family. There are several elementary grade schools and one high school. But, that’s not all. It also has a technology institute for post secondary education which support a booming industry.


Also, demographic trends are showing that younger generations are moving out of the cities to get away from very high costs and healthier lifestyles.


Smaller communities like this are much less remote today with technology and may have the upper hand on major cities from cost of living to quality of life!


The future looks good for this area: “it is projects such as the Green Energy Project, new development in our area, as well as businesses relocating and starting up in Merritt which helps keep our population growing. This along with amenities for all age demographics support the growth to our community.” Source


17 Acres of Country Property For Sale In BC – A Piece of Paradise

Acreage in merritt bc canada for sale

15 minutes outside of the town is an idyllic example of the Merritt lifestyle. Set in its own 17 acres, this Merritt property is among BC ranches for sale and could fit the category of a horse property, guest ranch, hobby farm… and lives up to the lifestyle with no modern shortcomings.


The feeling of this country property could be more like Tuscany than modern-day Canada. Banks of flowers meet grassy meadows and two-bar rough-hewn fences separate paddock from the garden. In the distance, tree covered hills complete the feeling of peace with nature and of getting away from it all. Lots of ranches in the area provide tourist accommodations and one look at this scenery makes it obvious why.


A small onsite lake has ducks and the ubiquitous Canada Geese, but you can see the dog leaping in for a swim on a hot summer day – and there are those. By the way, there is usually snow in the winter too, but only around 6 inches; the area is close enough to real skiing for those who need it.


No Compromise Country House

country home for sale sun deck view

Right at the heart of the 17 acres is the country house itself – this charming home is set among gardens and grassy areas. It is set back off the road within easy reach of the main travel routes.


The country home reflects the type of lifestyle you can expect in Merritt. For a start it is large. With five bedrooms and 3 baths it’s large enough for a sizeable family, a getaway with plenty of room for guests. There’s no crowding and in fact, you could built another house or guest homes; cabins or such on the property if you wanted; all to your imagination.


None of the outbuildings are attached to the house. A gorgeous greenhouse, solidly built of more than just glass, gets warm enough to grow tomatoes and even soft fruit. The garage is large enough to house cars and equipment.


With first impression in and around the home, you sense the house is at peace with its surroundings. You can feel it would be cozy in the winter when the snow is falling with a fire burning to create a sense of calm.


But you can see the house adapts easily to warm summer days with wine or lemonade on the back porch that stretches across the back. It is large enough that you can have a fire pit on the porch. Imagine summer nights when it is cool enough to feel just a little crisp without the fire, sitting under the stars with zero light pollution.


Delightful House Design and The Latest Conveniences

modern country house for sale bc canada

The inside house design combines a really uplifting style that combines contemporary with elements of a country house and home accents that all tie in so wonderfully from room to room. There are seems to be a wonderful feeling of bright and open throughout the home with excellent natural lighting.


The bedrooms are perfect to make one feel at home. The master bedroom is large enough to accomodate a range of furnature, home decor and clothing needs. The master bedroom is bright and spacious. Additional bedrooms in the home are wonderfully designed for space and a cozy feel whether for guests or family.

master bedroom modern country home

The kitchen, which is the heart of any home, has professional grade equipment and plenty of space. If you love to cook, it would be easy to see yourself making bacon and eggs in the morning and Beef Wellington at night. With all the space and the equipment, you could indulge your foodie nature.


La Dolce Vita

Life here sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? This is exactly how this home feels; all the advantages of space, a rewarding pace of life, combined with all the advantages of modern life. It is as if you can indulge your back to nature feeling without having to step back in time.


Living here is about the quality of life, it’s about knowing your neighbours and spending memorable moments with your family and friends. Can you see yourself immersed in this lifestyle?

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