Picture Your Dream Country Estate in BC Canada: Read this and Make It So! Telkwa BC, Canada

Property Detail

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Price : $11,500,000.00
Home area : 10000 sq ft
Land area : 293 acres
Bedrooms : multiple
Bathrooms : mutiple

Property Description

Across the world there are many beautiful country properties for sale but this country estate sets itself apart from others by the layout of its property and landscapes, the luxurious home designs and the geography! Located in a remarkable location of British Columbia Canada, this country estate for sale is on a large acreage with remarkable landscape features that include waterfront and mountainous views and incredible exposure to top destinations. On the land is a stunning luxury log home with two complimenting log cabins. It is truly one of the most rewarding places one could call home and experience as a retreat with a range of values to both business and personal interest.


The Country Estate Property for Sale

This country estate for sale consists of 293 acres of lush land with excellent land use. Moreover, the property is wonderfully situated having about a half mile of riverfront on the spectacular Bulkley River, a natural 15 acre lake, and two hay fields at 7 and 27 acres and there is another 85 acres optioned with the land to expand on an aircraft runway or other opportunities.



The landscape of the country estate is heart warming. There are popular, spruce, pine trees, wild flowers and mountain views in addition to the river and lake fronts. The location invites a four season climate with beautiful Springs and summers, colorful fall times and white winters. More, the climate is one of the best in BC for sunny days, great temperatures and picturous landscapes.


To enhance the joys of country living, the property is beautifully landscaped using a blend of rockery and natural landscaping. A short distance from the lodge is a garden and green house for fresh foods while supporting some flowering to further enhance this natural retreat!


For those social times, an outdoor gazebo is setup and of a cozy fit pit invites those to the outdoors in the evening under the wide open night skies! And then, the indoors offers its own attractive appeals…


The Center Piece: Impressive Luxury Log Home

In one of those moments when you can just imagine what a dream home looks like on a beautiful landscape, the perfect moment emerged in plain view leading the the beginning of an architectural piece to marvel! This impressive log house style is built with awesome architectural designs and wisdom from both experience, passion and talent.

luxury log home for sale living rorom

This country House Estate is intriguing and impressive by both design and materials used! Each level of this incredible architectural design has at its center both practical benefits and luxury combined for the ultimate living experience. Its material make use of high end woods and marble, tongue and groove technique, organic architectural design and encompass many custom artistic elements throughout the interior and exterior house areas.


The top level has a loft with a common area at it center, two opposite wings flow to bedrooms; one as a children’s room and one a guest room; each with its own bathrooms. The upper floor loft shares a feeling of a cozy place. The center of the loft is has a wonderful open space that with wonderful architectural highlights such as the vaulted ceiling interesting wall shapes. Its perfect for visiting or quite times, but there is one more feature…


While you may have thought the loft is the top of it all, its’ actually not! Within its amazing home design is a Turret. In case you are unfamiliar with this term. A turret refers to a tower. The turret includes a beautiful circular staircase leading to a room that extends just perfectly above the main home to enjoy views of the magnificent landscapes during day and wide open star lit skies by night!


The mid level begins at its center with the idea of food preparation in a social environment. The designers understood the value of having a place that is socially inviting to the kitchen. A large kitchen exists at center with impressing cabinetry and a large granite island. It has provisions for company to sit and chat while cooking or to join in for those that like to put on a master chef hat!


Outside of the kitchen in two opposite directions are two bedrooms. First, a master bedroom exists with its own walk in bathroom and captivating features such as its beautiful bay window! It is both spacious, cozy and elegant in design with the feel of upscale country living.


In the opposite direction is a large guest bedroom with a modern rustic design. It has a spacious bathroom with spa bath with a high end rustic design. Nearby is also a guest washroom for those just in for the day or staying at the cabins.


In the other two directions from its center kitchen is a dining room and then a living room. Both of these rooms are smartly designed.


The dining room features a wood oven for bread making or such and fireplace to really capture a fine dining moment. Imagine having fresh bread served straight out of the oven; warm and buttered; delicious! There is something else really special about this level…


This level has a special corridor which leads to a three level artist studio! The studio is an impressive idea and design. The corridor leads off the main country home to seem independent. And then, it takes advantage of its own independent views or nature to enhance that sense of creativity. Such a studio is perfect for the incredible beauty of the area!


The lower floor features entertaining, playful, creative as well as business space! To begin, a game room is at its center! And then, to its outer parts are an office, a workshop, a wine cellar and a movie theater – is that all!


The River and Lake Cabins for Guests

The country estate actually began with the log river cabin. It was perfectly situated to enhance the vision for the property to what it is now. What started with a log cabin turned into a country estate dream! The log river cabin is not just a simple cabin. It is a beautifully built modern log home having a large bedroom in the loft area, a full size kitchen and large common area. The views are eye catching from both levels.

lakefront guest log home

With the lake nearby, it seemed only natural to have a guest house in its reflection. Thus, the lakefront home emerged. A large two bedroom log home came to be as a compliment to the lakefront and is still close to the rest of the homes on the estate. Its design is wonderful with warm noted from its log design and wood accents and extends to its landscape of both water and nature.


Two Interesting Communities: Smithers and Houston

The property is situated between two communities; Smithers and Houston BC. Both places offer all the services you need from general shopping and entertainment to health care. These are active communities and you can also find groups with common interest such as sports and other social engagements.


Option: Want to Fly To This Property?

The road systems are excellent in the area and in case you like flying airplanes or helicopters or have a private jet, this luxury real estate is equipment with both a helicopter pad and a runway for smaller aircraft, but there is more…


The country estate has an option for 85 acres more that could support additional runway length in case you want to expand the runway for larger aircraft such as business jets or it could be used for other development ideas.


A Healthy Lifestyle Is All Around You

This location offers some of the best values for lifestyle homes! There are so many things someone with an appreciation to nature could enjoy on this property. A few things that come to mind are hiking, photography, painting, wild-life viewing such as bird watching, cross country skiing, kayaking and canoeing. Check out some local nature walking and hiking trails…


Off the property, canoeing, boating and kayaking can start from the river or at nearby lakes. And, of course, this area has world class fishing too.


Other recreation could include biking and exploring nearby interest. In the winter months, you can also experience world class cross country and downhill skiing from a nearby ski hill and nordic trails. There is without a doubt some of the most stunning places in the world to see from this location. And the communities are very inviting.


Property Geography Points of Interest

The region in which this real estate is located is one of those rare places in the world that offers the best of the best. Locally, the geography offers both flat and mountainous landscapes, weather that invite green landscapes, and yet a high percentage of sunny days.


Because of its location, this acreage is a hub to very popular destinations. A short drive away to the West one will come to the Pacific ocean and nice towns such as Terrace.


The location is also on one of two major routes to Alaska. You can drive, fly or even take a cruise ship to Alaska.


If you feel the need for a Southern trip, there are also many interesting routes to BC’s Southern regions such as Kelowna or Vancouver. Moreover, The Eastern route is also offer a famous places to visit such as Jasper, Alberta.


A Country Estate for Fulfilling Dreams and Experiences

This country estate for sale is wonderfully developed, yet still offers many creative interests. It is a special place with a magnitude of values and wonders.


The main log home is one of the most exciting places with each level and every room connected with a luxurious and joyful experience both socially and individually. Its guest country homes further compliment the ability to share the experience in a place that is absolutely dreamy in both home, lifestyle and experience.


Moreover, it is an area filled with opportunity for both personal and business interest in a region and community that offers rich experiences and a strong future.


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