Lush Ranch Farm Property for Sale in BC Canada Vanderhoof BC, Canada

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Type :
Status :
Price : $900,000.00
Home area : 3850 sq ft
Land area : 640 acres
Bedrooms : 4
Bathrooms : 2

Property Description

Pristine Ranch Property for Sale in BC Canada

Looking for a ranch for sale?


If you’ve been dreaming about owning your very own ranch in British Columbia, Canada and are looking for a place that offers acreage, peacefulness, natural beauty, combined with all the comforts you could ask for in a home – then it’s time to call the search off.

BC real estate doesn’t get any more serene and beautiful than this lovely and well-equipped ranch for sale which is located just outside of Vanderhoof, BC, Canada. This BC Acreage for sale is ideal for those looking for a chance to feel what country living is really about. It’s not often that farms for sale in BC feature so many incredible amenities as this one.

This Property For Sale Provides Many Opportunities

If it’s a country home, acreage and lifestyle your after, then this ranch for sale offers it in spades. The land is 640 acres in size and is dotted with thick forests, green fields, a variety of fruit trees, and even your own gardens. You’ll be able to raise various animals and grow your own fruits and veggies at the same time.

The gardening is exceptional on this piece of land thanks to the high quality soil that is found. It’s ideal for growing different mushrooms and berry bushes. Here the summer days tend to be very long, which helps to increase your yield and just create a better quality crop.

For those who like to raise chickens, there is a fenced in chicken run complete with an insulated log building where they can stay. There is an additional 2.5 acres of fenced in space. This is ideal if you plan on keeping sheep, pigs, and other small animals as it uses page wire.

Of course if you’re interested in housing larger animals and / or producing an annual crop feed, you’ve certainly got the acreage to do so with this particular ranch for sale. This property is setup for cattle and horses. The pasture produces an excellent seasonal crop for livestock.

Clean living is a big factor for many people nowadays, and this ranch has never seen the use of pesticides or herbicides. This means you have pure unspoiled land at your fingertips. Not only that, but with no big businesses or industry nearby, the air and water are also fresh, clean, and free of pollutants.

Share the Land with the Wildlife

Since the house is situated on such a large piece of land in the middle of the countryside, just as you would expect you will be sharing the space with the local wildlife. It’s not unusual to find deer, moose, elk, and even a grizzly bear here and there. For those who enjoy bird watching, there are plenty of varieties including ducks, swans, and geese that group in rather impressive-sized flocks.

Keeping true to the country lifestyle, and the quieter pace of life, you’ll want to check out the hundreds of lakes surrounding the area. These are known for providing incredible game fishing in both summer and winter.

Nearby Activities to Enjoy

For those times when you want to explore, there are many places within driving distance that offer a host of activities. Prince Rupert is a six hour drive from the country home, which will give you a chance to enjoy the scenic north western coast line.

Prince Rupert has a very small population, well under 15,000, and is classed as a port city. It is a popular stop for cruise ships that are travelling to Alaska, and is known for its vast amount of land and sea life.

If you’re not up for such a long drive you can always stay close to home and visit Fort St. James. Access to the Fort is right off the property, making it very convenient. Fort St. James is known for its ski hills and snowmobile trails during the winter months. The fun doesn’t end after the winter though, as the summer is perfect for biking, hiking, and horseback riding.

Also located nearby this ranch for sale is the Sinkut River. If you are looking for a quiet spot to enjoy kayaking or canoeing, this river is perfect. If it’s a dip in the lake you’re after, then the Sinkut Lake is well worth a visit. It is just one mile away.

On the other hand, if you want to explore BC in greater depth, a passenger train travels from Prince Rupert through Vanderhoof and then all the way to Jasper National Park in Alberta allowing you to take in some of the most scenic places in the world. Flights are also easy to access from the area… so adventure is unlimited!

The Country House Completes the Package

While much of the focus may be on what this ranch for sale has to offer, the house itself deserves plenty of attention. It features 3,850 square feet of space, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms. There is a large raised porch that affords spectacular views of the property. A portion of the porch is covered, which is ideal for those bright sunny days when you want to enjoy the outdoors but without overheating. The pillars at the front of the house make for a very regal feeling entrance, and give the illusion of even more space.

Because the big selling point is of course the land, the house features a large amount of windows on all sides. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the views no matter where you are in the home.

There is landscaping in the front of the house, including well-kept gardens on either side of the driveway. Of course there is plenty of additional space for you to add more landscaping features and put your green thumb to use. The two car garage and over-sized driveway provide ample parking for you and your guests.

If you happen to have a large family, whether immediate or extended, expect for this to become the new favorite gathering spot. It’s very rare to find farmland for sale in the Vanderhoof, B.C. area, let alone a property that features such a stunning and modern looking house.

Now if you’re worried about privacy, you’ll appreciate the fact that the house is located 300 yards from the road. Not only that, there are a large amount of trees that surround the house, giving it even more privacy. You’ll feel as though it’s just you and the land.

This is one of those real estate properties that just shouldn’t be missed and needs to be viewed in person in order to fully appreciate all it has.

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