Why This Property for Sale in Creston BC Will Give You Goosebumps Creston BC, Canada

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Type :
Status :
Price : $865,000.00
Home area : 3600 sq ft
Land area : 25 acres
Bedrooms : multiple
Bathrooms : multiple

Property Description

As an astounding property all around, this country home for sale in Creston BC, Canada is captivating from the time you begin to see the property from a distance until you’ve walked every space in and around the country house! You may be surprised at how this country home can create goosebumps of excitement!

Why This Property for Sale is Glorious In Outermost View

What elevates the excitement within this property is also influenced by what is nearby. The general area of this property for sale is truly great. It is great from the point of view of beautiful geography and climate as well as culture and community.

Creston BC is a small community with a large offering in the South Eastern part of British Columbia, Canada. It is part of the kootenay region and offers many values in community and lifestyle. The community is family orientated with many interests to enjoy. Creston welcomes access to many levels of education for youth and adults learning interests and holds several events throughout the year to enjoy hobbies and social importance.

Geographical interests include the Purcell mountains just to the North, Rocky Mountains about one hour to the East, and the Grand Kootenay Lake to the North West. In the South, into the USA, there is also a lot of beautiful countryside to explore. If you like outdoor activities, there is something of interest in every direction. Consider the Kootenay National Park and the Draper Preserve for some hiking. For relaxation stunning natural hot springs such as the Ainsworth Hot springs offers an incredible experience.

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The climate of Creston is wonderful! Creston lies near a green belt meaning that it offers lush vegetation, yet, it is within a sun belt too so you can expect many sunny days in the year. The winters are light and the spring time comes quickly. You’ll find many fruit trees growing in nearby areas from its ideal climate!

The community of Creston has all your essential services for everyday living from food and entertainment to health care. If you want to get out for a bigger shopping experience, Spokane is a large city just a couple hours away. In case you are more adventurous and like to travel from time to time, the Creston airport is an option plus you can access a couple of international airports to your South. Living the country life does not mean you can’t explore the world too! If you thought the outer view was great, wait til you see whats’ on the property itself!

The Property for Sale: A 25 acre Marvel

property for sale creston bc canada on acreage

Now, with the big picture in mind, when you approach this 25 acre property, one of the first things that jumps out is its beautiful landscapes as an extension of its valley, but with its own unique and stunning personality. Imagine the approach to the property is decorated with wild flowers and a natural grasses and treed landscape with mountains in the distant background. As you are drawn in closer, you are captured by the wonderful color tones and design of the house within its natural landscape.

The acreage has an excellent layout with relatively flat grounds enabling many benefits and use. Moreover, additional dwellings on this property for sale include a barn, a hay shed and a shop.

When you approach the house, you’ll see a remarkable landscape with beautiful flower gardens. At the outside of the house, the paint and trim are fresh and wonderful to the eye. It is an excellent choice for appeal and compliments its natural environments.

At the backside of the house is a large sun deck area that extends view of the property and valley. To the front is a generous sized porch with some very welcoming décor leading to the front door!

The Country House: Modern, Warm and Inviting

country house for sale creston bc canada

Inside the home one of the first things to notice is the fresh and modern design. You’ll feel at home from the second you feet touch the floor. The modern and attractive light wood toned flooring leads you into a common living area with a fresh clean and cozy appeal. The light tones of the walls are reflective to the natural sunlight and warming green landscapes and vegetation of the outdoors; nature invites the house design.

To the opposite side is the dinning area. The dining area shows fresh modern interior design and decor that pops out with interest from its contrasting darker tile flooring to its elegant lighting.

The kitchen is well organized bright and spacious. The first thing that stands out is its fresh and light colored cabinets. Several generous cabinets wrap around a large area of counter space along with modern and new cooking appliances. The dark tone tiled flooring compliments the design with connection to the dining room.

A stairway leading to the next level show a unique and exciting touch to interior design. The light wood tone of each step shows off a curious back plate design that enriches the experience between levels.

Within the next level the first room is both cozy and inviting. The blue and light tones within the room enable a soft, warm and spacious feel. Having three large windows, the views are spectacular. The in-suite bathroom design is an extension of its bedroom. The design has pleasing medium wood toned cabinets, a colorful vessel sink and intriguing modern lighting.

country house cozy warm creston bc canada

A nearby bedroom shares fresh and cozy interior design and décor. Its darker tones flooring fits well with nature tones in the room and its captive outdoor views.

These are just some of the immediate interests of this property for sale that stand-out. The property is well equipped and functional for a range of needs and interests. The house has a pleasant make-over that is attractive to call home.

This property for sale in Creston BC is more than a place to live, it’s an exciting home that may enable most fulfilling lifestyles and experiences. Some may say that its so simply perfect that it gives them goosebumps! Submit your questions about this propery below!

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