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Real Estate: Why These Trends Are Building Demand For Country Homes

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  Across Canada, you’ll still find country properties that have remained with families over generations. Some of these properties have interesting stories, too, from its land-based along famous early exploration trails to being the main settings for popular movies.   Within the last few decades, most country living was largely supported by demand for local […]

Explore Log Homes for Sale with Insight – Learn these Facts

Log homes for sale learn facts

For many, the idea of searching for log homes for sale is both exciting and a bit intimidating. After all, log homes are quite different than your common wood frame homes. Moreover, the log cabin that our European ancestors built has evolved a lot into a much greater design; the log home. They are a […]

Are Country Homes Top Real Estate Investments?

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As an idea for top real estate investments, consider country homes! Rural properties may not have the fast price jumps as with recent real estate investments in urban areas but, it can provide predictable and rewarding growth over time. In the conversation of real estate news, country homes have not been a big topic for conversation but could be your […]