Buying Property: How Much Land Is Enough?

buying property how much land is enough

Part of the charm of buying property is that you open your options up for land ownership, but how much land is enough? How much land you should plan to buy will be dependent on a number of factors, including your budget and the potential to find real estate that will suit your needs. Before you start checking out property listings, first decide on what you want from the property in the long run.

Under An Acre

How many acres you need will impact your search when buying property. The prospect of less than an acre may seem counterintuitive to find real estate in the country, but depending on location, it may be all you need. In areas that have spectacular views, such as mountaintops, you may only have an acre of livable land available, with the rest comprised of mountainous terrain. In this case, why pay for more than an acre when your vistas make you feel like you’re on top of the world? With under an acre of land, you can craft a sustainable garden on your property, or include amenities like a pool.

A Couple of Acres

With a couple of acres, you have the opportunity to spread out a little more. For instance, if you’d like to open a work shop on your property, you can separate the work shop location from your residence. Additionally, a couple of acres will allow you to have a decent-sized garden, and depending on your municipality, you may be able to have a farm animal or two.

Five to Ten Acres

Buying property with five to ten acres can start to feel like real farms. Again, how many acres you need will be dependent on factors like how many animals you want to have on your property, or what you want to use it for. If you want to have horses, the general rule of thumb is one acre per animal – so with five acres, you can comfortable have a barn of five. The reason for keeping this ratio is so that animals have ample room for livable space without being confined to their stalls, and so that the land itself has time to regenerate during periods of use.

Ten Acres and More

When you get to over ten acres, you have even more potential usages for your property. If you’re hoping for a large scale nursery or you want to grow crops, or even have your own vineyard, you’ll need area for your operations but again, you’ll need enough room so that you can rotate the usage without draining your land’s resources. Again, if you’ll be including animals on your property, you want to make sure that you have accounted for how much land they will need separately from your other enterprises.

When it comes to buying country properties, you get a lot of value. Not only do you get spacious homes to live in, but you have land with so many uses! When planning to buy your country home, make sure your take the time to plan how much land you will need; and then, go get your dream home!

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