Landscaping Tips for Selling Your Home

landscaping tips for selling your home


When it comes to selling country homes, you need to take time to plan your home interior staging which we all hear about over and over, but what about the outside? Typical country homes have a little more to it than an urban cookie cutter house. Because country properties come in all shapes and sizes and with landscapes, there are a few different things to consider over urban properties as such with the following landscaping tips.


Driveway maintenance

Some country homes have dirt driveways and over time these driveways take a lot of abuse from weather and traffic. When selling your home, it would be worthwhile to have such driveways graded and if its generally dusty you can apply minerals that act like sealers. Such compounds can keep the dust down and prevent heavy mud from forming on a wet day. Today, there are many to choose from that are highly environmentally friendly.

More, if you have a paved driveway that has a lot of debris consider having it swept and if the pavement has holes, get them filled. A fresh, clean looking driveway is an important landscaping step for selling your home.


Landscaping for Parking

Having a cluttered driveway is just like a messy closet and creates a poor impression and negative feeling right away. Make sure that things like bikes, children’s toys, and home building supplies are cleaned up and out of sight. Remember that the buyer is trying to get a feel of whether they would be a fit for your property. They need as many obstacles removed to allow them to see this picture.


Grass, rockery, flower Landscaping

If you have a lawn or natural grasses then keep it healthy. This needs to be done weeks before a showing and should include raking and planned watering to develop healthy grass. And, keep in mind that a healthy lawn or even natural grass chokes out weeds.

Next, if you have any large accents like rockery, add some bright flowers to highlight the shapes . Living the country life is truly a lifestyle choice and things as simple as flowers help to make this truly enjoyable connection.

When it comes to selling your home in the countryside, take the time to walk the property and make a list of things you can do to give it a fresh feel; a message that says it was cared for, and, you may be surprised that such a warm welcome from landscaping results in selling your home!