Online Marketing: Three Tips for Real Estate Agents

real estate marketing tips

When it comes to real estate marketing tools, most real estate agents are a whiz at offline marketing. When it comes to online marketing and social media many of them do not quite understand the concept however. Online marketing for real estate agents does not have to be difficult and social media does not have to be complicated and confusing.

Read on below for three tips on online marketing for real estate agents with social media that will help you get onboard today.

Set Up a Facebook Page

The first thing you will want to do when you are doing online marketing as a real estate agent is to set up a Facebook page. You never want to use your personal Facebook page as your real estate page. It lacks professionalism. You want your clients to see you as a professional, not someone that they are going to have a BBQ with on Friday night.

If you use your personal page, you also miss out on a lot of business features that come with a professional page. Features like Facebook contests and insights can help you a lot when it comes to taking off as a real estate agent on social media.

Once you have the page set up, fill it with things around your neighborhood and places that you have on the market to sell.

Market on Twitter

Once your Facebook page is up and running, it is time to hop over to Twitter and set up an account there. Twitter gives you many quick opportunities to keep up with your customers via your mobile phone. Once you set up your account, you should tweet things like local news, staging and moving, and questions that will encourage your followers to interact with you. Twitter allows you to use 140 characters per Tweet, so make every one count. Make sure that you use hashtags as well, so that your Tweets are seen by your followers.

Market on Pinterest

Many Real Estate agents do not realize that Pinterest is the fourth largest social media site out there. It is a place that is great for real estate agents, as you can pin images galore for all of your customers to see. You should set up boards about everything from decor to contests that you are running and make sure to use hashtags here as well to get the word out there. You should also cross promote with your social media sites, so that you get the word out about everything you are doing or what properties you are listing out there as quickly as possible.

These are just three social media online marketing tips to help you get an online presence started as a real estate agent. Making accounts on all of the social media sites is the best way to be sure that you have the online presence that you need to get the word out there and increase your marketing online to help you sell those country homes.