Selling Country Homes Online – Myths

selling country homes online

Home selling online is one of the fastest growing sectors in the real estate industry and with good reason. Not only is it easy for buyers to find real estate in this manner, but it’s easier for those selling country homes online to find tools and resources they need to get their home sold. Many people are skeptical about listing their home for sale online, though. They wonder if it is the best option or if there is some type of risk to doing so. The following are three most common myths people believe about selling country homes online.

Myth #1: You can’t price your property right

Many people believe they can’t price their real estate accurately by not working with a real estate agent. That’s not the case. It is true that some people may value country homes higher than market value, but most people home selling online are educated in how to create a market analysis and to determine what the true value of their home is. In other words, if you spend the time doing your homework and comparing your home’s features to others on the market, you’ll have no trouble pricing your home right. That doesn’t necessarily mean for less either.

Myth #2: You don’t have access to the Multiple Listing Service

The MLS, or Multiple Listing Service is one of the most important tools to home buyers and sellers. In short, it is like a big classified ad of available properties on the market. There’s probably no other source with more information. You can’t as a for-sale-by-owner seller access the MLS directly, however you can pay a one-time fee to a real estate agency that offers these services. This is going to cost you far less than paying a real estate agent, if you decide not to do so.

Myth #3: You need an agent to handle the legal component

You don’t have to work with a real estate agent when selling country homes online. If you decide to use an agent, many will handle all of the legal components for you. If you decide not to do this, and sell it on your own, you can hire an attorney inexpensively to manage the legal matters including title searches and contracts. Some also will do the negotiations for you if you don’t want to do this on your own. Most real estate agents even outsource these jobs to attorneys so you are paying for the service. If you plan to sell your home online, talk to a local family attorney about the options.

Ultimately, you can list properties for sale online rather easily, sell them without any experience, and do it all within all legal requirements. It is a common myth that you have to use agents. Are there benefits to doing so? Of course there are. You’re investing in a service and most agents will work hard for you. But it is possible to sell your home online without these services.