Should I Sell My House Myself?

home selling should I sell my house myself

When it comes time to putting your home on the market, you may wonder… should I sell my house myself? If you are not sure whether selling your house yourself is a good idea, you can join a million other people that cannot seem to make the decision.

Below you will find some of the challenges associated with the questions of should I sell my house myself but don’t be alarmed. Instead, just make more informed decisions on the subject.

You are Inexperienced

Since you are not a real estate agent, you are apt to be inexperienced when it comes to selling your home. Not knowing all that you need to know about everything from closing costs to pre-sale procedures can end up costing you a ton of money in costly mistakes that cannot be fixed. However, you can overcomes such processes if you take the time to learn and prepare documents and important stakeholders.

You have to Make a Huge Time Commitment

If you want to sell your home yourself, you need to understand that it takes time commitments that many homeowners just cannot commit too. You have to throw open houses, have parties, and show your property at times that may not be the best times for you. If you fail to show the house when a prospective buyer can see it, you may very well lose the sale.

If you fail to answer an email right away because you are at work, you might lose the interest of a buyer. Your social life will be put on the back burner as well since you will need to commit the time to prospects. Selling your home yourself takes a lot of work and time that some homeowners just do not have. If you are in a position where you are highly organized with your time or spend a lot of time around home, then maybe the time factor is not such a big deal.

You are put on an Emotional Roller Coaster

Many homeowners say I want to sell my house myself and get into home selling emotionally. It is easy to get angry or upset as person after person comes to look at real estate and the property never sells. If you hire a reputable real estate agent to take care of the sale for you, you do not have to worry as much about the emotional side of the process. If you are comfortable with selling, connecting with buyers and building on the relationship process, then this is something that may be a good challenge for you. Often if a homeowner is a good communicator in this way, they can actually add more value to the conversations with buyers because the owner knows the home and its land best.

Marketing Limitations to Home Selling

One of the biggest pitfalls of selling your home yourself is the fact that you will have to list your property and use the right marketing mix to reach your market. And sometimes, you cannot get the advertising the way you would when you go with a real estate agent if you have a good agent. A homeowner can do a marketing mix very well to; it just takes some planning around understanding your target markets and then knowing how to create an effective blend of different resources to create communication channels.

These are just a few of the pitfalls associated with home selling. It’s best to gather lots of knowledge on the subject and then weigh the advantages and disadvantages and then ask yourself again should I sell my house myself? Either way, take action because in the end, you need results.