Is Silicon Prairie Shifting Country Living Demand?

country living Silicon Prairie & tech

What does Silicon Prairie and Country Living have in common? To Begin, Silicon Prairie is a new buzz word for technology enthusiast and may also be creating excitement around country living demand! It’s related to Silicon Valley but with a geographical twist! So now you know that we are talking about technology innovation, tech companies, start-ups and such, but what does this have to do with country living demand?

Silicon Valley + Internet

The correlation between technology and country living begins with Silicon Valley and the Internet! Silicon Valley is a popular well known community that emerged over a decade ago. It fosters start up business around technologies and it has been very successful in creating massive success in product innovations and business. Its technology outputs and business has come in all shapes and use. Well-known companies like Google and Facebook grown within this community are built around technology gurus and collaborative teams, but one of the greatest foundations for its success has been the internet!

The internet and its interconnected networks for computing resources has really supported an upwards shift in the technology industry in more recent years. And, a lot of its progress can be given to the recent increased capacity for computing devices to connect to its network! All you need to know it that there is a lot more room on the internet now to glue things to it; the internet of things.. And this internet of things and such are enabling a lot of new business and buzz words such as Silicon Prairie to emerge in the tech sector.

Infrastructure Advancement & Silicon Prairie

While the internet was expanding and technology business was advancing, technology infrastructures have also been improving to including fiber deployment programs to replace older infrastructure and extend these services to suburbs, small towns, and, to country living communities. This has been created a lot of opportunity for business and technology workers to expand outside of places like Silicon Valley and towards a Silicon Prairie. With expanded infrastructure in rural and countrysides, working online can be done just as easily as in the city; the emergence of Silicon Prairie.

Country Living Cost Opportunity

There is no doubt that places like Silicon Valley would be exciting to work in, but for new business and those trying to start a family or get ahead, this can come at a cost. In Contrast, in smaller and more remote communities, businesses and individuals can get into real estate at a fraction of the cost compared to places like San Francisco and Seattle USA or Vancouver Canada.

In countryside tech companies, workers are being offered similar salaries, but with much less expenses. That break even or major cash burn from working in expensive cities can quickly turn into money in the pocket, asset growth and more. Workers can quickly switch gears from getting by on paying rent and buying food to building their life around things such as owning a home, having home space for a family and building on other areas of wealth such as health, education and adventure.

Country Living Lifestyle Choice

Living in the city has its perks. It is a place of close nit communities, birthplace to some of the latest trends, and generally quite vibrant. Similarly, country living offers many benefits too from being closer to nature and recreational interests such as hiking in the mountains to accessing a dream home or business place with more space or views. When people choose to startup or join a tech business in the countryside, they are also doing in with lifestyle in mind. It is a lifestyle choice and many are making the move towards country living.

Emerging Benefits

Many smaller communities of the past have experienced a major shift in demographics when resource based businesses such as forestry and agriculture had major downturns. Yet, these communities are very important as it provides a lot of resources to urban areas and global trade.

With the emergence of the tech sector in smaller communities, it could support a range of industry from education and agriculture. Imagine how a farm may become more productive or reduce its waste from the advancements of the tech sector – it is already happening! Thus, the emergence of the tech sector in smaller communities may very well be a blessing to our future use of resources.

Additionally, this movement may also set ground to benefit other countries around the world. Thinking globally, such radical movements around industry will be important to developing countries where many are in a country living environment, living in poverty and are at a disadvantage to education.

As this trend of Silicon Prairie continues, we may very well see that country living ignites with the advancements in tech. It is an opportunity for many to enjoy a magnitude of benefits personally and in business. Learn more … Remote: Office Not Required!