Favorite Waterfront Properties of the Year: These Homes are Like Living in Acadia!

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What it is that we like about waterfront properties? Arcadia brings to mind sweeping landscapes and pastoral visions of harmony. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and nature; that place where humanity has found a balance between living in luxury and becoming one with the great outdoors. It sounds like an oasis in this advancing world of technology and modernism.


With so much advancement and focus on gadgets, it’s difficult to imagine a place seemingly untouched by society. But with that superior technology comes the ability to create masterful homes that have all the necessities and still allow the natural beauty of the world to shine through. Take a look at our favorite homes with waterfront properties this year and see how you could find your own personal Arcadia


Historic Ranch with Farmland, Waterfront Property and Endless Adventures

Just far enough inland from the Pacific coast to enter the gentle rolling hills of the Cariboo region lies a dream historic ranch with farmland on waterfront property with endless tails of joy.


With over 100 years of history, the family has decided to pass the legacy on to its next owner and the offering is much more than a property for sale.


This property of multiple titles and over 400 acres, comes with its own private lake, annual hay production and sustainable commercial timber. More, the property has been home to guests continuously as a guest ranch and for cowboying events.


In the early 1930’s famous aviator Wiley Post and humorous Will Rogers visited the property. In case you are wondering, yes, there is a aircraft runway on the property! Even further back in time, there is documentation that famous explorer Alexander Mackenzie travel throughout this region.


Within the property for living and guests, there are multiple dwellings. This includes a rustic designed house and two cowboy / cowgirl cabins and a newly build log house on the upper level. All homes have fabulous views of landscapes including lakeside views and have full services.


Just outside the property, there is a paved road and access to nearby communities such as Quesnal, BC. Quesnal has many services, shops and events. In case you have children, the school bus comes right the property!


This is a four season property with very well balanced climate and rich soils. This allows farming with no fertilization.


Recreation and adventure in this area is endless! Within the property, you can enjoy activities such as horse back riding, fishing, photography, wildlife viewing, cross country skiing, boating to name a few… And, within the region, there are many trail systems that can be accessed from the property.


As far as waterfront properties go, this property is a dream and offers a ranch lifestyle and independent livelihood. From your own Arcadia, you can live off the land in a absolute beautiful region and run your own business with multiple cash flows. And, this all comes at a price of less than a million bucks.


Beautifully Designed Country Home Along Lakefront

This quaint, lakeside property is available just within the borders of Quebec Canada. It’s only an hour from Ottawa and thirty minutes to Buckingham. For less than a million dollars, you can see the sunrise over the water every morning.


At 4,500 square feet, this six-bedroom, three-bathroom home sits on an acre of land on the shore of Lac de l’Argile. Nestled in a forest setting surrounded by exquisite landscaping, you can walk down a few steps to your private dock and go for a canoe ride.


Cathedral ceilings and huge, bay windows open the space to allow for maximum immersion into the sequestered forest. The lake is only forty percent developed, so noisy neighbors are not a worry.


The interior design has all the modern luxuries and country details you could ever wish for. With wooded walls, floors, and ceilings, you’ll always be warmed by the rustic appeal.


The kitchen comes fully equipped, and is able to accommodate small family affairs, or lavish parties. With 14 feet of continuous panoramic windows, you’ll have to make sure you set the timer on the stove. It’ll be difficult to not be distracted by the breathtaking views.


There is an indoor BBQ on the porch that also comes with a fireplace. This is great for enjoying the outdoors in any weather.


Taking a walk around the property, you’ll find meandering pathways through an expertly manicured lawn. Rocks gardens perfectly complement the space and give it a more home-like feel.


One can’t help but to look to the exciting artistic reflections along the lake as something to envy among waterfront properties.


Other stunning features include a home security system, African décor, an Indian heating stone, and ocean colored ceramic flooring. There are even German roll shutters above the windows and doors. The detailed craftsmanship that has gone into making this home is simply astounding.


Whether you’re looking to live in the property or rent it out, it’s easily accessible by public road year round. If you’re the type to arrive with a little more flourish, the lake is capable of floating plane landings. No matter the way you get there, you’ll be hard pressed to ever leave


Two Luxury Log Homes in Mountainous Lake Valley

If we’re talking quintessential country living, the image of a log cabin comes immediately to mind. Located in Southern British Columbia, these homes are ideally placed on one of Canada’s most beautiful lakes.


Sprawling across 27 acres, these two homes are the very definition of Arcadia. One house is 7,000 square feet, with six bedrooms and five baths. The other is more modest at 2,600 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths. Whether you use the second property as a rental or an in-law suite, it’s perfectly suited for anything!


For little more than $2 million, you could live in the lap of luxury. Watch the sun rise over the mountaintops from the warmth of your patio. Take a hike around the lake. Camp under the stars in your own backyard. Find inspiration through nature. You can’t put a price tag on the experiences you can have at this property.


Kootenay Lake is Literally Your Backyard.

With waterfront properties we often picture a beautiful but small lake. With this country property, the lake is far from small! Kootenay Lake, a 100 km by 4 km lake makes it the perfect size for any water-based adventure and it is simply one of the most recreational and picture-like places for waterfront properties. Go canoeing, fishing, power-boating, or sailing. If you love to swim, try scuba diving and checking out the plethora of wildlife beneath the water’s surface.


With only 12 of its 27 acres developed, you have the unique ability to transform the landscape to your liking. Leave it as is, or make a hobby farm, cabin rentals, retreat spot – let your imagination run wild.


An Artist’s Dream

Whether you’re a photographer, painter, writer, or dreamer, you will not lack for inspiration. Snowcapped mountains majestically paint the sky. The forest nestles itself around the property in an encompassing embrace. The lake provides deep waters for deep thoughts. Whatever your creative outlet, the atmosphere here is sure to awaken your inner artistry.


The Main Log Home

The larger home boasts heated floors as well as panoramic lakeside views framed by evergreens. With a large kitchen and newly refurbished cabinets, meal time is always a joy. A wrap around deck allows for a mountain or lake view, it just depends on your mood.


With a large BBQ area and hot tub, entertaining has never been more fun or easy!


The Second Log Home

The smaller home is the perfect blend of modern and rustic design. With an open floor plan, you can cook, entertain, and dine without the constraints of walls and doors. All the modern conveniences you’ve come to expect from luxury living are seamlessly placed in this beautiful cabin. Heated floors and a wraparound deck finish off this property.


There is so much potential located here, it’s a steal for the price. Whether you plan on living there, investing, or renting it out, you really can’t go wrong. It is simply Arcadia.


Dream Country Estate

If you’re looking for a place where luxury meets nature, look no further. We have the epitome of that right here. Located on the Bulkley River in British Columbia, this stunning log estate with two complementing log cabins has many exciting offering when it comes to waterfront properties!


You can’t look at this place without immediately falling in love. For $11.5 million you could own 293 acres of the type of unspoiled sweeping landscape that defines Arcadia.


There is so much here, you’ll be exhausted by the time you visit it all!


The land has half a mile of riverfront property, a natural 15-acre lake, two hay fields, and another 85 acres on which you could do just about anything. Looking for the perfect place to build an equine facility? You’ve found it. You need only let your imagination run wild as you decide what you want to do with it.


The Large Estate Log House

The Estate itself is very generously sized, with 10,000 sq ft of living space. Wood and marble are masterfully incorporated into its design. Each detail was painstakingly produced to finish the home with a completely custom feel.


Ever wanted to live in a castle? This place has a turret! A gorgeous spiral staircase leads to the top of this tower. Housed up there is a room with panoramic windows, making it the absolute perfect spot for stargazing. Imagine how romantic it could be to have a meal on the top of the world.


Each wing of the house just brings out more personality of this stunning property. Huge bedrooms, an artist’s studio, a dining room with a wooden oven and fireplace, are all features of which you can take advantage.


The Log Cabins

Two smaller cabins are the perfect place to house your guests and both are waterfront properties! Each with a full-sized kitchen and spacious common areas, you might not ever see them. They could disappear into their own experience and forget they are guests to begin with!


This property is easily accessible by public road, but with a helicopter pad and small airplane runway, why would you ever take a car? With all that extra land, you could even build a larger runway for business sized jets.


On your own property, you can enjoy nature unfettered and unfiltered. Go for a hike, bird watch in your own back yard, kayak, canoe, you can even ski without ever leaving your land. With excellent fishing in the lake and river, you can enjoy fresh fish every day of the year.


Situated right in the middle of two communities- Smithers and Houston BC- this property is located near everything you could ever need. From grocery shopping to socializing, healthcare to entertainment, these two bustling towns have everything to offer and fully compliment a country lifestyle.


If you’re looking for a more metropolitan excursion, Vancouver and Jasper are nearby. You could even fly or take a cruise ship to Alaska.


The opportunities are endless with this magnificent piece of artistry. Whether you want to retire to the country and write books, or want to become a bed and breakfast aficionado, there is no better place to invest your time and money. Your only limit is your imagination.


This exciting property could be that once in a lifetime, dream purchase that you’ve been waiting for. Make no delay and see this property straight away. Your breath will be taken. Offering great potential revenue and unique experiences, this property is sure to delight you and your family for generations to come.


Which of these are your favorite waterfront properties?