7 Cash Flow Ideas For Best Real Estate Investments

best real estate investments country homes

If you’ve always wanted country real estate to escape to, or you know that one day you’re going to retire to your forested haven, buying a country home can be a great real estate investment while getting the house of your dreams. As a way of leveraging your best real estate investments, try these 7 ways to turn your country homes into cash flow properties.

1. Movie Settings

Movie settings? Yes, movie producers are always looking for new properties both small and large for making movies. Often, you can just look up movie producers looking for country homes … to share the details on your country property and if it has the unique qualities they are looking for, your country real estate could become famous while making extra cash – exciting!

2. Additional Dwellings

Whether you are living on the property on not, if you have an area of land that fits more use, setting up an additional home is a great way to build cash flow and enable your best real estate investments. And there are many different options for adding another home from simple log cabins to modular construction. Additionally, having someone on the property can add another layer of security especially if you are a living there seasonally or just going on short trips from time to time.

3. Vacation Rental

Building on the idea of little cabins or such, short-term vacation rentals have become extraordinarily popular in recent years. These come in many forms from a simple B&B, to retreats or even ranch vacations. With vacation rentals you typically charge a nightly or weekly rate, so if you keep your calendar filled, you have an opportunity to make significantly more each month than you do with long-term tenants. Again, you’ll want to keep in mind maintenance, utility, property management costs, and zoning rules if your country real estate is within a city limit.

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4. Event Venue

Country homes and its land areas are also popular venues for weddings and other events. Hosting an event can potentially make a month’s worth of rent in a single night, but you will also have to factor in costs like insurance, maintenance, and of course, your mortgage and other carrying costs. This may also be another way to gain popularity for getting a movie shoot!

5. Animal Grazing

Country real estate with or without structures can also be rented out for animal use. Open acreage is great for cattle grazing, and smaller plots can be great for goats or other small animals, and you won’t have to worry much about maintenance or utility costs. If you’re in a rural area, advertise with local farmers to spread the word.

6. Kennels or Pet Sitting

We all love our pets, but sometimes for whatever reason, we cannot take them with us on a trip. And it can be awkward asking other to take care of these great companions especially if they are working full time or just don’t have the right environment. Thus, kennels are a high demand item and a good example of a small business you can set up on site. Furthermore, pet sitting is becoming more popular whereby your little friends can be among a more natural environment free to walk and play in a supervised area.

7. Storage

Storage can be a great small income or or full time business and a country property can be the perfect place for those people to store items they can’t at home. If you have a barn or larger structure, seasonal vehicles can be stored during the off-season, or furniture for those downsizing or moving.

Whether you have less than an acre or a larger property, country homes have a lot of values for personal enjoyment and extra incomes. And, you may only wish to enjoy the lifestyle alone, but if you do change you mind, consider the potential land use or character of your home for expanding best real estate investments for country homes.

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